Face and Body Art International Convention 2009 Photos and Video


The 2009 Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC) took place in Orlando from May 20-24. Artists from all over the country came together to express their creativity on human canvases.

The annual event brings together creativity and the human body in a weekend filled with seminars, classes, contests, and much more. But like any other kind of art, not all of the works are designed for a purpose. Many are simply painted to unleash the ideas of the artists who create them. Such artwork is most evident during the FABAIC “jam” sessions, during which artists and models gather in a kind of painting free-for-all.

FABAIC is family-friendly, though there is the very real possibility of nudity (partial or otherwise) to be found around any corner. The convention rules state that all private bits are to be covered, but I did witness a few instances where that wasn’t exactly the case. So while children are welcome (and I saw plenty having a good time getting their faces painted), it is obviously up to parents to decide if the visuals are appropriate.

Here’s a video look at what went on at the convention during the jam that took place last week, on Friday, May 20:

Face and Body Art International Convention Orlando 2009

To my surprise, an average body painting takes anywhere from four to seven hours to complete, so when I arrived near the beginning of the jam, there wasn’t too much completed art and after sticking around for a little under two hours, the works were still far from being done.

So here are a few impressive in-progress works that I spotted: 


You can find more photos from FABAIC 2009 in our photo gallery.

The Face and Body Art International Convention is an excellent event for anyone with any interest in face or body painting. Amateurs have a chance to learn techniques while professionals can show their talents (while having plenty of fun doing it).

If you want more face and body art, don’t miss our FABAIC 2008 video and photo gallery.


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