Rip Ride Rockit Details Emerge in Interview from The Coaster Critic


The Coaster Critic has published an interview with  Louis Alfieri, one of the designers of Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Here are a few of the most interesting new details to emerge about this unique upcoming roller coaster.

From thecoastercritic.com:

For the first time, riders will be able to create their very own seven minute personal music videos of their rides. Thanks to six on-board cameras, eight high speed special effects (Matrix-style) cameras, and 54 special effects shots you will be able to produce your own unique ride video. The ride itself is enhanced with LED lights on the cars and an illuminated track that will create a different experience for day and night rides.

The large non-inverting loop is the first of its kind in the world while the twisted treble clef maneuver gives a nod to the ride’s music theme. Alfieri had the idea for the treble clef element and sketched it out himself. Finally, the jump cut will put a new spin on the tried and true camelback hill.

Aside from the audio and visual innovations, the station itself will break new ground with a people mover-like loading area. In order to improve loading time, Alfieri stated that the train will never stop in the station. Plans are for the Rockit to dispatch a train about every 23 seconds!

While on-board, two 55-watt Marine Polk Audio speakers will pump out one of 30 songs from 5 genres that guests will be able to select via a touch panel on the ride’s restraints. Each genre will include three songs from legacy artists and three songs from contemporary artists. Once the roller coaster’s web site is live you will be able to sample the songs before you arrive at the park.

Along with the interview, another video of ride testing was posted:

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Test 05252009

You can read the complete interview and view a few photos of the Rip Ride Rockit track here.


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