Fantasy of Flight cuts back on operating hours to focus on new experiences


Starting on May 6, Fantasy of Flight in Polk City will be introducing new operating hours. The attraction will open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Thursday through Sunday only.

Fantasy of Flight creator and founder Kermit Weeks also announced plans to make the most of the new schedule to refine the popular attraction elements and develop new experiences that speak to the attraction’s mission: to “Light that Spark Within.” Weeks said, “Over the years I’ve realized there are a number of people fascinated with aircraft but there are even more fascinated by flight. Flight is a powerful metaphor, which more than anything symbolizes pushing our boundaries, reaching beyond ourselves, and freedom.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, Weeks decided to close on days that had not been traditionally as busy and use the time to focus on development. “We see the new operating schedule as a win-win for both the public and us,” Weeks said. “By reducing our days open, we will be able to deliver more focus to our daily customers and use the closed days to focus on developing an even better product that will touch even more people.” Part of the change in operating hours has necessitated a reduction in workforce. “After weighing options for several months, some difficult decisions have been made,” Weeks said. “But from change comes opportunity.”

Fantasy of Flight’s new schedule will continue to deliver their most popular attractions, including the Wing WalkAir Ropes Course and Zip Line, the Art Deco-themed Compass Rose diner, Fantasy of Flight gift shop, scheduled tours, the new Golden Hill storage facility and Flight of the Day. Group reservations or events previously scheduled will take place as planned.

Fantasy of Flight is located at 1400 Broadway Boulevard, SE in Polk City, Florida, just off of I-4 (Exit 44) between Tampa and Orlando. For more information, visit or call 863-984-3500.


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