First look at Disney Kingdoms’ new Enchanted Tiki Room comic book

Enchanted Tiki Room comic
The new Enchanted Tiki Room comic book flies into stores on October 5.

Hold on to your feathers, because we’ve got a first look at the artwork for Enchanted Tiki Room #1, the first installment in the new Enchanted Tiki Room comic book series from Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms.

The world famous theme park attraction comes in a new format next month as Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering team up to release Enchanted Tiki Room #1, the newest Disney Kingdoms limited series. Creators Jon Adams and Horacio Domingues are taking readers to the Enchanted Tiki Room, on an isolated and mysterious island where almost anything can happen. Inside the island’s Enchanted Tiki Room a cast of birds, plants and ancient Tiki gods spring to life.



Launching under the Disney Kingdoms banner, Enchanted Tiki Room has been created in close partnership with the designers, producers and creative directors at Walt Disney Imagineering, joining earlier titles like The Haunted Manion, Figment, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.



Enchanted Tiki Room #1 will be available in stores on October 5, and a poster will be available at local comic shops on October 12.




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