First look inside Krusty Burger, Moe’s and more – First phase of Simpsons expansion now open at Universal Studios Florida


Fans of The Simpsons now have the opportunity to try some of the long-running shows’ signature food and beverages, including a Krusty burger, Duff beer, and much more at Universal Orlando.

Cletus’ Chicken Shack, Krusty Burger and Moe’s are now open to the public as part of the Springfield expansion, offering guests a wide variety of food and beverage. Known as Fast Food Boulevard, the new Simpsons area replaces the former International Food & Film Festival counter service restaurant. Inside are Luigi’s, The Frying Dutchman and more. Let’s take a look …

Inside Krusty Burger, Moe's and more at Universal Studios Florida - Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard

BLr041NCQAAR5Mq.jpg-large The mural inside the main seating area. The whole area is connected inside and it’s all counter service.

BLr08XYCIAIH_FU.jpg-large This is the seating area inside Krusty Burger.

Moe's Tavern bar The bar at Moe’s Tavern.

IMG_8028 Step right up and get a Flaming Moe. It’s non alcoholic, so everyone can enjoy one.

Here are the different ordering areas:

Krusty Burger at Universal




Here’s a look at the menus:






BLrzO72CMAEswzo.jpg-large Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with tater tots.

BLry_9rCUAEYB6T.jpg-large From left are a Duff Beer, Buzz Cola and a Flaming Moe. Buzz is a pretty good cherry flavored soda. Duff has a good taste with no aftertaste. Flaming Moe is our favorite with a great citrus taste.

BLr3HLtCIAAbOcY.jpg-large Another look at Moe’s bar.

BLr2I3TCMAAauHM.jpg-large The Love Tester in Moe’s actually works.

BLr3RioCIAE5ZH--1.jpg-large Cletus’ seating area just outside the food court registers.

BLr1mBUCIAEs3rh.jpg-large Seating inside Krusty Burger.

BLrmk87CMAAcq4v.jpg-large Before the opening this morning, both Homer and Marge were knocking on the door, telling Moe to hurry up.

Check back later today for our video tour of the whole area.


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  1. any chance you got a list of the available items from lisa’s teahouse? that’s the only place that might have something i’d eat besides maybe the mother nature burger.

  2. Me too Mike! Looks like our options are limited! (presuming your vegetarian / vegan too – or just eating healthier… 😉

  3. In reply to mike, here is the menu to “Lisa’s Teahouse of Horrors”, a grab-and-go area of premade items in a refrigeration case…..

    Cesar Salad – entree 6.79 / side 3.69 – Fresh cut romaine lettuce with Parmesan cheese, homemade Cesar dressing and crunchy croutons
    Mediterranean Salad – 8.99 – Marinated tuna, diced feta, calamata olives, sliced red & green bell peppers and tomato wedges, served on a bed of fresh cut romaine lettuce with homemade Greek Vinaigrette dressing.
    Caprese Salad – 9.99 – Sliced tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella served over a bed of fresh cut romaine lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
    Veggie Sandwich – 8.99 – Guacamole, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce and tomato served on a freshly made oat roll..
    Turkey Wrap – 8.99 -Sliced smoked turkey, Monterrey jack cheese, lettuce and tomato served in a spinach wrap.
    Hummus – 7.29 – Homemade hummus served with assorted vegetables and pita bread.
    Fruit Plate – 5.99 – Fresh cut pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, orange and grapefruit
    Fruit Cup – 3.39 – Fresh cut watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.
    Assorted Yogurts – 3.49
    Cupcakes 1 @ 1.99 / 4 @ 5.99

  4. Don’t have a cow folks,there are far more “meat-a-terrians” than vegetarians and vegans,so if most of these eaterie’s don’t cater to the too few of you,then bring your own or eat like a normal person….aye carumba dudes

  5. I’m with Cynthia…with a name like Doc you’d think you’d know better than to push your bad habits on people. Don’t have a cow man!