Florida E-Ticket – ‘Get Out, Have Fun & Enjoy Florida! (Final Weekly Episode)’ – July 1, 2017

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By Patrick Santos and Gavin Hatch

In the final weekly episode of Florida E-Ticket we visit all the Central Florida parks and look back on our favorite memories from past episodes.

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  1. We wish you all the best and will miss seeing Florida E Ticket each week. One thing we will always remember is when you would show all of us Topher the squirrel. We would like to share a story with you. We were at Hollywood Studios having breakfast at Starring Rolls Café as we were eating a squirrel kept running around on the ledge behind us. My husband and I were calling him Topher. There were two people at the table next to us who just looked at us not to pleasantly and said they even named him! We looked at each other laughed and said why not that is Topher. As you can see when ever we go to WDW and see a squirrel it will be Topher.