Fogo de Chao restaurant suggests some ‘High Octane Date Night’ pairings

Fogo de Chao diners being served meat on a skewer.

By Kimberly Button

A visit to a Brazilian steakhouse is always a unique event, but pair it with a salsa dance lesson and you’ve got a “High-Octane Date Night” perfect for couples with a sense of adventure.

Fogo de Chao, a Southern Brazilian Steakhouse on International Drive, is always a high-energy dining destination. A constant stream of 15 different pit-fired meats artistically presented on long skewers will incessantly arrive at your table until you turn a special chip from green to red – effectively saying “Please, no more for now!” The pageantry of meat, an overflowing all-you-can-eat salad bar and South American flavors create a unique dining experience perfect for anyone looking for something just a little bit unexpected.

“We are a vibrant, expressive, fun dining experience, which is a little different than what you might encounter at other high-end steakhouses here,” said Head Gaucho Chef Paulo Simonetti.

Along with the variety of meats, which include steak, lamb, sausage and chicken, there are side dishes accompanying your meal, including carmelized bananas, as well as warm pao de queijo, a cheese bread. The caipirinha, a mixed drink similar to a margarita but made with Brazilian sugar cane rum, is a favorite indulgence among couples as they enjoy the evening.

Instead of a traditional dinner and a movie, Fogo de Chao suggests pairing a meal at their steakhouse with another high-energy experience nearby. “Our guests are naturally drawn to lively atmospheres and are generally eager to experience life at its fullest, so our date night suggestions are the perfect prelude to an evening at Fogo,” Chef Paulo said.

Couples dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Orlando. At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio (6700 Conroy Windermere Road), couples can enjoy learning the beginning steps to salsa dancing, or perhaps the Rumba or Cha Cha. Patient instructors will walk you through simple dance moves in an introductory lesson.

Other fun experiences just minutes from Fogo de Chao include:

Twilight Helicopter Tour – a brilliant flight at 11,000 feet to see Orlando in a whole new way.
Zip Lining – a daring physical feat directly over Florida alligators and Nile crocodiles.
Indoor Skydiving – an adrenaline-boosting sensation of free-fall without a parachute.
Go-Kart Racing – a fast and furious race in electric Italian pro-karts that reach 50 mph.
Reverse Bungee Jumping – a mix of fun and fright that shoots riders straight to the stars 390 feet above ground.

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