PHOTOS: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge menus get partially rethemed

After changing the menus at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from hyper-themed to no theming at all, it seems that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has reached a compromise in its food names.

galaxy's edge
docking bay 7

Rather than leaning fully on themed or non-themed names for each menu item, the menus at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo and Ronto Roasters now reflect a combination of the two: mashing up Star Wars names with common off-planet foods that guests will recognize.

galaxy's edge

This change is reflected both in the large and handheld menus.

ronto roasters

Some dishes now have new galactic regions added to their names to indicate where each dish hails from, like the Batuuan settlement Galma and Peka – a river community on Batuu.

galaxy's edge

Through this update, guests no longer have to be confused about what they’re ordering, and die-hard Star Wars fans won’t feel as though they’re missing out on essential theming.

Tell us what you think of these new food names for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the comments below!


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