Photo Update: Super Nintendo World in Japan levels up!

Super Nintendo World is loading in right before our eyes at Universal Studios Japan. This upcoming land, which is expected to open spring of 2020, will feature Mario, Peach, Toad, Bowser, and many more classic Nintendo characters. Thanks again to USJ Information L.C.A.STUDIOS, we have an updated look at more sections of this land.

In our last update we looked at the project that is noticeably farther along in the project, the hill with the Mario flag on top. This section, labeled by USJ as 3, still appears to be the tallest point in the land, more on that in a bit. At number 1 we can what appears to be a peak from the Bowser Castle entrance. This is expected to be the entrance for the land’s signature ride which will take guests on a Mario Kart style experience. Number two is expected to be the support for Peach’s Castle. This Castle would be the main entrance/exit point for the land.

This unofficial rendering helps place those numbers into perspective, but it doesn’t fully showcase what we hope the land to be. Seen on the right side is an arched bridge, but what does it lead too? A leaked land model of the original concept should help put that into perspective.

These leaked photos, supposedly taken of the original concept model of the land, align very closely to the current construction and rumored layout of the land. And, again, on the right we can see an arched bridge. This leads to a Donkey Kong section of the park.

Thats right, Donkey Kong! While we currently cannot confirm if this is still part of the plan we have heard numerous rumors that this addition should at least make it to Florida for the Universal’s Epic Universe park that is coming in 2023.

If this Donkey Kong land is to come true what type of ride would it use? We have heard it will be a thrill-packed experience. This ride would make use of the same type of technology as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

How does the Harry Potter Ride work? - A virtual look behind the scenes

Take a look at this video to get an understanding of how KUKA Robotics, RoboCoaster and Dynamic Structures make the magic come alive for guests in Hogsmeade. This technology lifts guests away from the track and mechanics to create a surreal feeling of flight. Combined with physical sets and roving screens this attraction has become world famous.

Now, imagine this ride but the guests are held at an angle instead of directly above the track. And imagine the arm and track is somewhat hidden from the guests. Take out the magic benches and replace them with a mine cart of sorts and you have a vehicle that can appear to jump tracks.

Guests will look down and see haphazardly placed roads and wooden bridges that they have to maneuver. When, in reality, a robotic arm on one side of the vehicle will securely hold guests to a real track that is hiding on one side of the vehicle. This blend of technology could also allow guests to choose Mild or Wild style rides. The cart could flip or simply jump over certain bridges according to guest choice.

Back in the strictly Super Mario themed sections we can see the proposals for two separate attractions. These rides are supposedly a Mario Kart adventure and a more family friendly Yoshi style attraction.

The Mario Kart ride needs to be innovative, fun, classic and true to the video game. That is certainly a hard target to reach.

While we can only see the very top of this land so far, it is exciting to think of what shall come next for Universal Studios Japan!

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan - Coming 2020

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