George Lucas makes surprise appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI – Photos/Video

ALthough not scheduled to be a part of Star Wars Celebration VI at the Orange County Convention Center, George Lucas made a surprise appearance. The “Super Secret Star Wars Panel with Todd, Seth and Matt”, that George appeared at may seem like a give-away title, but the panel was also held on Friday without George. The “Super Secret” was the announcement of a new animated comedy television show from the makers of “Robot Chicken” called “Star Wars Detours”.

Todd Grimes, Matt Senreich and Seth Green started out the panel by throwing prizes out to the crowd.

Then they showed the trailer from the new series before introducing some of the writers working on the show.

Each time a clip played, the panelists sat or laid on the floor to watch with the audience. (You need to know that to understand a comment George makes in our video below.)

The writers and creators told how they often met with George to discuss the show. They joked that when they disagreed on something with George, they settled it by arm wrestling.

They discussed all the great talent they have doing voices on the show, including Billy Dee Williams reprising his role as Lando Calrissian.

They said they were surprised when George suggested putting him in the show and said they had already started doing models of him. It took some doing, but they talked George into voicing his character. You’ll see a clip of it in our video below.

Just as the clip ended, out came George. The crowd was surprised and jumped to their feet cheering. George joked that he liked being with these guys because he’s taller than most of them, something he’s not used to.

George joking around with Seth.

James Arnold Taylor, who does the voice of Obi Wan and others on “Star Wars The Clone Wars”, was led away at the beginning of the show “to be put in carbon freezing”. He came back out to end the show.

James “passed out” after shaking George’s hand. Seth started snapping photos.

Here’s our video of George’s appearance:

George Lucas Surprise Appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI - Detours panel

Here’s the full trailer for the new Star Wars Detours show:

No launch date or channel information has been released.


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