Grapefruit Garage now open for parking at Disney Springs

Disney Springs‘ third parking garage, Grapefruit Garage, has officially opened to drivers at Walt Disney World.

A new place to park when visiting Disney Springs is now open!

Located across from the Lime Garage and next to the Casting Center, the Grapefruit Garage currently only has one entrance accessible to cars driving east on Buena Vista Drive. Those driving west would have to travel past it and make a legal u-turn to get to the garage.

Like Orange and Lime before it, Grapefruit features a parking system that lets drivers know how many spots are open on each level. For the first time, though, available handicap spots are featured on the entrance sign.

There are 5 levels of parking in Grapefruit, and the elevators and escalators are located in the front corner of the garage. The pedestrian bridge connecting the garage to Disney Springs is located on Level 3.

Halfway between Grapefruit and Disney Springs is an elevator and staircase that gives guests access down to Disney’s Casting Center and the shopping district’s area hotels.

The pathway from Grapefruit takes guests right to the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, between World of Disney and Basin. The average time it took us to walk between the garage and Disney Springs was just over 3 1/2 minutes. That time may vary depending on if you have a stroller or wheelchair and use the elevator.

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Update – Oct. 2022: Grapefruit garage opens for guest usage after 3:30 p.m. daily and is open to working cast members prior to that time.  

The digital message board on Buena Vista Drive reads “No Disney Springs Parking” alternating with “Cast Member Parking” throughout the day. Once the Grapefruit Garage is open for guests, the sign changes to “Grapefruit Garage Parking”. 


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    1. The bridge provides no protection from rain, sunlight nor LIGHTNING! This inexplicable oversight will need to be corrected ASAP.

  1. We tried going across the bridge and they stopped us and said we needed a Cast member ID to use it. Is this the case?