Growling gators host hundreds of nesting birds at Gatorland

By Don Gworek

March is a great time to visit Gatorland and see native Egrets nesting and breeding among the growling alligators. Let’s take a look around and see the sights and hear the sounds at the park in the spring.

Gatorland has many natural ponds and marshes, and many birds build nests close to the walkways. Note the towers on the horizon. They are for a zip line attraction opening this summer.

Great egrets develop long lacy feathers during breeding season.

The lacy feathers may look ornamental, but really they are for trapping air and keeping their eggs warm in the nest.

You can see how the feathers spread over the entire nest, trapping a blanket of warm air.

Migrating birds have taken over these cypress trees.

Here’s a close-up of one of the trees.

Of course, alligators are still the stars of Gatorland. The video below shows some gators growling up a storm.

Growling gators and nesting birds at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

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