Halloween Horror Nights Lights-On Tour – The Cabin in the Woods



Join us on a lights-on tour of The Cabin in the Woods haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 23. The tour explains elements of the attraction that you might overlook. For example, the arrow points to a raven on the porch. This year, there’s one raven for guests to find as an Easter Egg at each of the houses.

raven A close-up of this raven.

spoiler This article follows the normal house route from beginning to end. Some scares are revealed here. If you prefer to be surprised, read this article later! We also want to warn you that some of the images are very graphic.

trees One of the details that can’t be seen in the darkness during normal operation is how the trees of the woods are kept standing. They are held up by cables from from ceiling.

lving The cabin is dressed as if it was a movie set, with every possible detail.

planking However, it is a set, and not a real cabin. For example, here you can see that some of the planking is very thin.

2WayMirror They say one way to tell if you are being observed through a two-way mirror is to see how your finger looks against it. A normal mirror has a pane of glass between the reflective surface. A two-way mirror tends to have the reflective surface facing you, and your finger will make direct contact with its reflection.

stuff Many of the houses have a scare element called stuff-in-face. Here, the element is latex coated twine. It feels icky against your skin as you brush it away.

carousel Another one of the rooms fully dressed like a movie set.

dummy Here you will also find a ventriloquist dummy that has been a star of a house in previous Horror Nights.

book2 Note the book.

book Here’s the book’s creepy text, which you can’t read in the darkness of the normal operation.


elevators The story takes a turn as it is revealed the cabin and the horror inside is really part of an elaborate modern facility. This is an elevator lobby, and scareactors appear as the doors open.

whiteboard Some of the horror in progress. Note the Deadites, which are in the Evil Dead house this year.

merman2 The monsters have seized control, and are attacking the operators.


tentacles2 Tentacles menace into a facility break room.


sign Break room sign reminding facility workers of a safety rule.

monsters The facility continues to a monster storage area, where you may recognize some characters from previous Horror Nights.


thing From The Thing house at a previous Horror Nights.

jack Jack the Clown, one of the continuing overall theme characters of Horror Nights.

All month-long Universal plans to have different live characters from previous Horror Nights scaring guests here.

Here’s a walk-through of the whole house using infrared, taken with special permission by Universal during regular operating hours:

The Cabin in the Woods walkthrough with night-vision at Halloween Horror Nights 23 Universal Orlando

This tour was part of an “Unmasking the Horror” tour. This year Universal offers two different versions of the tour. Each version visits three houses. If you take both tours in one day you’ll see six of the eight houses. A regular day park ticket is not required to take a tour. Each tour is $59.99 separately, plus tax. Or both in a single day for $99.99, plus tax. Details at halloweenhorrornights.com.


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