Halloween Horror Nights Lights-On Tour – An American Werewolf In London

wolfFinal Join us on a lights-on tour of the “An American Werewolf in London” haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 23. The tour explains elements of the attraction you might overlook.

spoiler This article follows the normal house route from beginning to end, and a few scares are revealed to show detail of the effects. If you prefer to be surprised, read this article after you’ve had a chance to go through. We also want to warn you that some of the images are very graphic.

slaughteredLamb This house follows the plot-line of the 1981 film.

bar2 Two college students visit a pub called “The Slaughtered Lamb”. This is a lights-on tour, so the lighting here is much brighter than during actual operation of the house. Also, no scareactors perform during the tour.

star The students notice this star on the wall. They ask about the star.

dart Among the things that happens next in the movie is someone misses the dart board. Just like in the movie, a dart is in the wall from the missed shot.

graveyard The students are warned not to go into the Moors, and of course they do. Inside jokes to look for in the graveyard scene are references to Jaws and King Kong, which are attractions that have dearly departed Universal.

stuffThreads Throughout the houses are elements called stuff-in-face. Things that dangle from overhead to creep you out. Like these threads.

stuffNylonCU Some of the stuff-in-face in this house is also tattered nylon fabric.


stuffFur There’s also some dangling fur, seen at left.

werewolf1 Like in the movie, there’s a werewolf attack.

wolf4 These werewolves are a new show element at Horror Nights, puppets operated by scareactors. The werewolves are pretty cool!

teethDetail Teeth detail.

woody Here’s some of the carnage. Note the Woody Woodpecker on the shirt.

body2 These are photos that can’t be taken in the darkness during normal operation of the house.


hidden This room depicts a famous and ground-breaking moment from the film, where a character transforms into a werewolf through mechanical changes in the make-up. Here, a scareactor in wolf face makeup performs through an opening in the floor. (Note this room also has a Mickey Mouse figure, just like in the movie.)

subway A werewolf attacks in a London subway.


movieTheater Patrons of a movie theater.

theaterScreen Be sure to look back when you pass through this doorway. On screen will be the same fake movie seen in American Werewolf.

usher This usher is a reference to a continuing Horror Nights character.

theater The fake movie is called “See You Next Wednesday”. That phrase is in most movies made by John Landis. You might recognize it as the movie title in the Michael Jackson “Thriller” music video.

bus Multiple gags are in this London scene.

silentHill To the immediate left is this placard. It refers to last year’s Silent Hill house. There have been multiple attempts to get American Werewolf into Horror Nights. Last year it was bumped by Silent Hill.

raven Up to the right is a raven. Each house this year has a raven as an Easter Egg for guests to find.

policeBox Many guests love seeing this police box. It reminds them of Doctor Who’s Tardis.

Here’s a walk-through of the whole house using infrared, taken with special permission by Universal during regular operating hours:

An American Werewolf in London walkthrough with night-vision at Halloween Horror Nights 23

This year Universal offers two different “Unmasking the Horror” tours of the houses of Halloween Horror Nights. If you take both tours in one day, you’ll see six of the eight houses. House combinations may vary. A regular day park ticket is not required to take a tour. Each tour is $59.99 separately, plus tax. Or both in a single day for $99.99 plus tax. Details at halloweenhorrornights.com


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