Haunted Mansion inspires Club Penguin Halloween experience

Club Penguin, the online kids experience, has received a haunted overlay for Halloween. Kids will notice many nods to the Haunted Mansion.

Some of the things you many recognize from the ride are:

  • Fortune Teller: Look for the fortune teller station in the Attic.
  • Horseless Hearse: Look in the Club Penguin Forest.
  • Maid and Butler Costumes: The Club Penguin team tried to replicate cast members with some of their Halloween Party costumes, giving the maid and butler costumes dark eye shadows.
  • You will also recognize a familiar pipe organ in the ballroom, creepy wallpaper and a few other items.

For a free Ghost Sheet Costume for your online avatar visit play.clubpenguin.com/#/redeem and enter code CHILLING.

There are some more Haunted Mansion nods in this Club Penguin music video:


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