The Haunted Road returning to Orlando; tickets launching Friday the 13th

Orlando’s drive-thru Halloween experience, The Haunted Road, is gearing up to bring back some socially-distant scares to Central Florida this fall.

haunted road

Admission to the Road will be open on select evenings from Sept. 30 through Nov. 7, 2021, and tickets will — fittingly — go on sale Friday, Aug. 13, the only “Friday the 13th” of 2021.

The experience will return to Lake Pickett Road, in the same location as Corn Maze Orlando and Painted Oaks Academy. While last year’s event featured an original storyline centered around Rapunzel and other familiar fairytale characters, this year’s plot is far from fictional. By day, this land is seemingly ordinary, but when the sun sets, eerie occurrences, paranormal phenomena, and ghost sightings are the norm.

Upon noticing that last year’s cast and crew were constantly discussing weird happenings, the team did a deep dive into the area’s history and found that the site is truly haunted. People in the area often recount similar, inexplicable experiences like issues with their radios and the appearance of a glowing green orb on damp and stormy nights. Through trial and error, the team of The Haunted Road have learned how to “disrupt” these spirits and conjure up on-demand ghost sightings for visitors to witness. In addition to encouraging frequent ghost sightings, enhancements have also been made to up the entertainment value.

After a few seriously spooky things happened along The Haunted Road, we decided to harness the natural scary occurrences and allow visitors to navigate into ghost sighting areas to witness it for themselves.

Jessica Mariko, Executive Producer for The Haunted Road

Mariko is leading a team of award-winning creatives to help “identify and define” the ghost sighting areas on the Road.

Guests are invited to take a 40-minute drive down The Haunted Road to seek out some of these mysterious entities from the “safety” of their vehicle. Admission to the main experience starts at $15.99 per person and takes place primarily from within the vehicle, with an optional outdoor add-on excursion in The Barnyard, located at the end of the Road.

The $79 upgrade to The Barnyard allows for all of the passengers in the vehicle to explore a “Haunt Market,” purchase smoked barbecue and beverages, and attempt to “awaken the spirit” of The Butcher in a walk-in haunted experience located in an abandoned barn.

The Haunted Road has timed-entry ticketing and tickets must be purchased online and in advance. The majority of 2020’s time slots sold out, so haunt fans are encouraged to sign up online for access to a pre-sale before tickets open up to the general public on Aug. 13 at noon.

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