Here’s where to find a map of Walt Disney World

There are 47 square miles that make up Walt Disney World Resort. So, when trying to find out where to get a map of Walt Disney World, you’ll need to narrow down which part of Disney property you want a map of. Let’s review where to view a map of each section of the resort and how to use the different tools that show you around Disney property.

walt disney world

By Dani Dennison Meyering

Google Earth Walt Disney World

google earth

You can explore and virtually walk around Walt Disney World, using your mouse or Google VR device, thanks to Google Earth. Some things do need to be updated—for example, Epcot’s massive construction in Future World does not appear—but you’ll get a real feel for things by using Google Earth.

You’ll need to zoom out to locate each theme park. Once you’ve found them, you can zoom in to walk around practically every corner of the parks. Whether you’re familiar with Walt Disney World or just getting to know it, using Google Earth can be a fun way to virtually visit.

Google Maps Walt Disney World

walt disney world

If you need to get familiar with the overall layout of Walt Disney World—particularly the roads—Google Maps is another great tool. If you’re going to be driving around Disney property, this is a great way to learn where each park is located in relation to each other. Use your hotel’s address to plug into Google Maps and get to know its location. No matter where you’ve chosen to stay, it’s helpful to get comfortable knowing where your hotel is in relation to the rest of Walt Disney World.

When you click on the link for Walt Disney World on Google Maps, you’ll see multiple bookmarks of important landmarks. You can also use the Street View function to see how things look when standing on the streets themselves. Google Earth is best for this kind of exploration, but if you want to “look” around the streets near certain destinations, like your hotel, Google Maps is a great tool.

Walt Disney World Website Interactive Map

website interactive map

Naturally, you can find a map of Walt Disney World on the resort’s website. It’s an interactive map and can take some getting used to. There are also versions of the map with very specific items and services. For example, you can get to know the location of all the restrooms in each theme park.

When viewing Disney’s interactive map, pay close attention to the filters at the very top of the webpage – this is best done on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device. You can view each theme park individually, as well as other destinations like the water parks and Disney Springs.

You can also filter the map further by showing just dining locations, entertainment, shopping, and more; you can even create a Wish List for destinations you definitely want to check out.

MyDisneyExperience App Map

walt disney world

If you’re going on a Walt Disney World vacation, the MyDisneyExperience app is essential. You can mobile order your meals from it, book dining reservations, check wait times for rides, and more.

When you first log into the app, there will be a small preview of the Walt Disney World map at the top. Once you touch that map, you can zoom into the park of your choice. It will show you wait times and you can filter other view options as well. To view the layout of the park, you can pinch to zoom in and out of each park.

Printed Maps of Walt Disney World

printed maps

The printed version of each park’s map is available at the respective park’s main entrance, as well as select Disney guest service locations. Most Disney-owned and operated hotels will have the park maps, whereas nearby hotels not operated by Disney will generally have one booklet for Walt Disney World which contains a smaller version of the maps for each of the parks.

Disney Springs has a Welcome Center—which is similar to Guest Relations in the parks—as well as a Ticket Center. You can generally pick up the full version of each park’s map there as well. Disney is encouraging guests to utilize the MyDisneyExperience app for maps and information to help cut back on paper usage.

Whether you prefer to use a paper map in hand or view things electronically, you will save yourself lots of time and stress by getting familiar with Walt Disney World beforehand. Take some time to view each park and any other areas you plan to attend so that you can be familiar with the layout before you get there.


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    1. Hi Jerry, sadly Disney does not mail out maps. Sometimes a travel agent can do so if you’re booking with them. Disney’s really pushing the interactive maps mentioned above. Thanks for reading!

  1. Oh no Jerry, Disney did away with that perk years ago. It was a super cool perk as well. Disney would let you modify and personalize your map for each park, then they would print it out and send it to you. The kids loved it! They could look around at their favorites and then bring the map with them. I have a photo of my young son reading his map in Animal Kingdom. Disney will also not print your itinerary for you any more either, the itinerary used to have a print button and they took that away as well.