The Holy Land Experience to debut two new theatrical productions this summer

holy land experience
The Holy Land Experience will debut two new theatrical productions this summer.

Orlando’s Holy Land Experience, the faith-based attraction where the stories of the Bible come to life, has announced two brand new original theatrical productions for summer 2017.

Mike Everett, the manager of Holy Land, has said that every summer, thousands of families visit the attraction to enjoy the interactive displays that the park offers, as well as their stage performances.

“Many of our Holy Land Experience guests come from across American and around the world specifically to enjoy the powerfully moving theatrical events produced by our in-house creative team,” said Everett. “And we’ve added two all-new powerful productions to our other award-winning shows playing daily in our 1,800-seat, state-of-the-art Church of All Nations auditorium.”

The two shows, “Out of Darkness” and “Jesus: The Sacrifice,” feature inspirational stories brought to life through song, amazing sets and costumes, and talented actors.

“Out of Darkness” tells the story of the New Testament pharisee Nicodemus, who finds himself town between his faith and the words of Jesus. Seeing Jesus healing a blind man at the Feast of Tabernacles, Nicodemus realizes that Jesus is the Messiah and faces his true belief in God.

“Jesus: The Sacrifice” brings the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus to life through the accounts of Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Roman Centurion. This musical drama will share with guests the despair and ultimate hope and joy that Jesus’ family and friends endured during the fateful three days.

These two productions will join an already packed lineup of theatrical productions, including “Love Never Fails,” “The Lost & Found Agency,” and “The Prodigal.”

Everett predicts that these productions will bring in thousands of guests for a life-changing experience over the summer months. “Seeing lives changed and people inspired and blessed is why we exist. And we’re excited to see how God moves.”

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