Holy Land Experience opens new Golgotha: The Skull attraction

Golgotha Holy Land Experience

A new attraction has opened to guests visiting The Holy Land Experience in Orlando.

Situated in the middle of the 16-acre Trinity Broadcasting Network owned park, the exhibit, Golgotha: The Skull, is designed to re-create the historic place in the biblical land of Israel where Jesus Christ was crucified and died.

“In the gospels the site that Christians often refer to as Calvary is called ‘Golgotha, the Place of a Skull,'” explained Mike Everett, manager of Holy Land Experience. “While that title reflects a sense of of misery and death, in reality Golgotha was — and is — a powerful place of hope, healing, and life, where Jesus died to free humanity from the bonds of sin, sickness, death, and defeat.

“This exciting, interactive exhibit is designed to give our guests at Holy Land Experience a sense of what Jesus was experiencing as He suffered and died on the cross, and to help them touch His love and mercy in a personal way.”

Built in part with stones collected from the countryside surrounding Jerusalem, Golgotha is built atop another Holy Land Experience site, the recreation of the biblical Garden Tomb, where the body of Jesus was laid after his crucifixion.

“Our guests are invited to climb the steps of Golgotha Hill, to touch the cross at the top, to pray, and to reflect on what Jesus accomplished at Calvary that day so long ago,” said Everett. “They then make their way down to the Garden Tomb below, where many guests have testified to being powerfully touched by God as they bask in His presence. This is really what Holy Land Experience is all about — experiencing God in a life-changing way.”


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