Indoor skydiving competition tour soars to iFly Orlando

The International BodyFlight Association (IBA) is continuing the 2012 IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Tour at the iFly Orlando wind-tunnel located at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday April 13 and 14, 2012. Spectators are welcome.

The competition is divided into two disciplines of stunts, formation skydiving (FS) and 2-way vertical formation skydiving (2-way VFS). In the 2-way vertical formation, teams of two will perform as many pre-determined formations as possible within 35 seconds. Competitors will be divided into one of four classes that range in skill from rookies to the more highly skilled flyers. The winners will be judged by established competitors and will be based on the number of formations completed within the time frame.

A new addition to this year’s tour is the neo-freestyle discipline. Flyers will combine free-flying and freestyle techniques to piece together a fluent and artistic routine.

Pre-registration has already started and is required in order to compete. Those interested can click here to complete the registration.

Spectators are encouraged to visit the iFly Orlando facility to cheer on the athletes on both nights.

Here’s a look at the iFly facility when it was known as SkyVenture. See out a pro doing some tricks at 1:30 in the video:


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