Peek behind the scenes with Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio

With “Inside Look” at SeaWorld San Antonio, guests can go behind the scenes and see firsthand what goes into caring for the animals that live at the park, and hear from the professionals who provide that care.

inside look
Go behind the scenes with Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Included with park admission, this behind-the-scenes tour offering will be available during normal park operating hours on three consecutive weekends: March 30-31, April 6-7, and April 13-14.

inside look

“We believe this one-of-a-kind experience will amaze and inspire,” said Car Lum, SeaWorld park president. “It will enable our guests to learn more about the top-notch, day-to-day care our animal experts provide. Inside Look participants will have the opportunity to meet SeaWorld veterinarians, animal rescuers, and marine-zoological specialists and ask them questions.”

inside look

There will be six Inside Look locations throughout the park, where SeaWorld’s animal care specialists will share information on the park’s mission to provide care and help animals in need. Guests can pick up an Explorer’s Guide at the front of the park to help find these locations at the start of their day. Those who collect six stamps in their Explorer’s Guide will earn a SeaWorld Expert Explorer’s pin, while supplies last.

Inside Look tours will be available various times throughout the day at:

  • Beluga Stadium – Global Conservation
  • Pacific Point Preserve – Sea Lions
  • Orca Stadium – Orca Care and Research
  • Zoological Support Area – Zoological Support
  • Penguin Encounter – Penguins
  • Animal Connections Center – Animal Ambassadors

On Inside Look days, SeaWorld San Antonio will offer a 10 percent discount on plush animals and a buy-any-animal-tour, get-a-shark-tour-free opportunity.

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