Island H2O Live! now open at Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Central Florida’s newest water park, Island H2O Live!, celebrated the first day of summer with its official grand opening.

island h2o live

“Island H2O Live! is a new wave of waterpark,” said Art Falcone, co-founder and managing principal of Encore Capital Management. “Our guests will have the opportunity to create their own in-park experience with customizable themes and playlists while on our attractions, all while sharing these moments across their social media channels.”

island h2o live

The new water park offers 20 different experiences for guests to enjoy. Those who want to take it easy can ride on Chat Creek, the lazy river. Thrill seekers can get their adrenaline fix with Drop Down, Follow Me Falls and Reply Racers. Riders will twist and turn through the tubes and open-air slides, ending in a dramatic splashdown. Younger swimmers can visit Candy Stripe Cove and Pelican’s Paradise for a variety of kid-friendly adventures.

Private Domain offers an adult-only (ages 21 and up) oasis for those who want to experience the fun of a water park without the “hustle-and-bustle” of visiting families. Close by is the Tag Shack’s private bar, which is the place for adults to grab a cold drink and relax.

chat creek

“We have an incredible variety of attractions at Island H2O Live! including water coasters, family raft rides, a wave pool, lazy river, kid-friendly experiences and more,” said Jim Kunau, general manager. “The real star of this park is the ability to share your experience. The addition of this social media interaction allows your experience to go beyond the water park walls and encourage others to join in on the fun.”

Upon arriving at the water park, guests will be given an RFID Smart Band that will allow them to post to their social networks through the H2O Live! app. Guests are encouraged to download the app before they arrive so they can create their profile and manage their experience upon arrival. There are tech stations located throughout the park for guests who don’t have smartphones, where they can just tap their Smart Band to set up their profile, select slide color themes and music playlists, earn park perk points, find friends and more.

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For guests who want a more permanent way to commemorate their experience, a photo package is available for $15.99 per family. The attractions that offer video and customization are marked with a special icon for recognition and easy social sharing.

The four main features of the Smart Band are:

In My Day

Guests can choose their music playlist or the day, choose their favorite color theme for app and slide experiences, earn and track their badges, see wait times, and view park information.

Family & Friends

Guests can link with their friends and family at any point throughout the day, which makes keeping up with everyone easier. Parents can set up parental controls to keep track of their kids and limit what rides and areas they can access.

Park Perks

Guests can see what actions will help them earn Park Perks, which are redeemable points that guests can use to customize their Island H2O Live! experience. Soon, guests will be able to trade in Park Perks for merchandise, food and beverages, and more. Guests can also see their current point totals, which will be carried over to their next park visit once their profile is validated.

Speed Keys

Coming soon, guests can purchase Speed Keys for front-of-the-line access, reserve time slots for attractions, and share them with their linked family and friends. 

island h2o live

To celebrate the grand opening of the water park, Island H2O Live! has extended the annual pass preview price of $69.99 through Sunday, June 23. On Monday, June 24, the price will increase to the regular amount of $89.99. These annual passes are available at the park or online.

Island H2O Live! is open daily from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted online. For more information, visit

Check out our videos of the grand opening, plus ride POVs from the water park below:

Grand Opening of Island H2O Live Water Park
Reply Racers Slide POV at Island H20 Live Water Park
Family Raft Slide POVs at Island H20 Live Water Park - Hashtag Heights and Profile Plunge
Tube Slide POVs at Island H20 Live Water Park - Follow Me Falls, Reload Rapids and The Downloader

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