Japan introduces haunted ‘Zombie Ferris Wheel’ in Osaka

by Attractions Magazine Staff

Japan’s tallest ferris wheel has introduced a rebranded haunted version, according to Sora News 24. The Osaka Wheel, located at the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, has been temporarily changed to the “Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell” now through Sept. 30.

zombie ferris wheel
Zombie Ferries Wheel promotion poster from Sora News 24

By Kayleen Padron

Visitors and five other guests will enter the gondola, but before they do, a ferris wheel operator will inform them about some mysterious goings-on aboard the Ferris wheel. If guests chant the mystic words while riding, their wish is sure to come true. But when a young lady wishes to be reconnected with her estranged parents, things take a dark turn.

Guests are shut out from the outside world for almost 20 minutes, with dark screens and screams enveloping them. Headphones are required during the ride, and rumble effects in the seat will make the experience all the more real.

zombie ferris wheel

The ride is also similar to a choose-your-own-adventure story. Guests can make choices throughout the ride which will eventually change their outcome. By working together, visitors can determine whether they will have a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ending.

Only four gondolas are open for this scary interactive experience, but visitors can purchase tickets in advance.

Zom-beer and non-alcoholic Zombie Drinks will be available as well. Tickets for the ride are 1,500 yen or $14.15 per person. For more information about this Zombie Ferris Wheel, visit Osaka-Wheel.com/Zombie.


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