Jaws ride and Amity area closing at Universal Studios – Rumors suggest more Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The last time to ride Jaws, and walk through the town of Amity at Universal Studios will be 9 p.m. Jan. 2, 2012. Universal has stated new attraction experience will replace it. While they haven’t said what that will be, rumors suggest it may be more Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal team members who work at the Jaws ride were told of the ride’s closing this morning. Universal later confirmed it with this statement:

“We are closing Jaws and the Amity area to make room for an exciting, new attraction experience. Jaws has been an amazing attraction and an important part of our history. But we must always work to provide new, innovative, entertainment experiences for our guests. We know that Jaws holds a special place in the hearts of our guests and we have put a great deal of thought and care into this decision. We can’t wait to share details of our plans – in due time. Meanwhile, our guests should take this opportunity to enjoy their last rides on Jaws. The official close date for Jaws and the Amity area is Jan. 2, 2012 at 9 p.m.”

Rumors started more than a month ago that the ride would be closing and would be replaced by more Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions. But Jaws is located in the Universal Studios theme park and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in the Islands of Adventure park. Although the parks are side-by-side, the Amity area, in which Jaws in located, is on the opposite part of the park. But further rumors have stated a Hogwarts Express train will transport guests between the two areas.

There’s no official word on the Wizarding World expanding, or what might replace Jaws. Another rumor suggests a Transformers ride may replace Jaws. Currently a Transformers ride is under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood. There are also rumors of a Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening at Universal Studios Hollywood, and a rumor of a new lagoon show coming to Universal Studios in Florida. Universal Pictures will be celebrating 100 years of movies next year and some announcements may coincide with the celebration announcements.

Jaws ride at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida - Full Ride-Through

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  1. This is very sad news, i honestly hope they dont do anything potter with this area, despite how much I love harry potter i think it would just be a really bad idea. Having seen a few videos dealing with transformers i would love for it to come to florida but think it would have been better suited in between MiB and the simpsons were they have a load of spare land. i only hope that they can do this area justice, Amity was one of my favourite spots just to hang around and people watch there was a lot of detail put into it

  2. This is so Depressing this has been my favorite ride since I was an infant visiting Universal Studios, First they take my King Kong, then my Back to the Future, and now JAWS?! what’s next? MIB? E.T.?

  3. But….. But…. But….
    Is anyone else seriously offended by the loss of this ride?
    I wanted to cry, and I complained for the first half of my horn lesson to my teacher about how it’s going away, and he was really upset, too.
    From what I’ve heard, more people liked it than dislike or didn’t care for it. This is one of the only rides that was there when the park first opened.
    PLEASE keep Harry Potter where it is. I LOVE Harry Potter to death, but I don’t want it’s expansion to affect other parks.
    This ride is a CLASSIC. I can’t believe it’s going to be gone for good 🙁
    I will see you on your final run, Jaws ride.
    I love you.
    And I hope that when I die, you’ll be waiting for me in Heaven. 🙁

  4. So sad. Another classic dies. I am 37 and i must say i crave for the oldies, tv and movies today are just blah. Yes better effects but lacking the originality. I miss Ghostbusters, King Kong, and will dearly miss Jaws. The attractions i visit at universal are T2, Shrek, Twister, Disaster, Jaws and MIB. My girlfriend loves the beetle juice show. I am sure T2 is on the block and twister is getting old, Disaster wont really fit in the area with Jaws gone, and MIB should be safe for a bit with Will Smith doing the 3rd movie. I have had annual passes for most of the last 10 years, but might let them go when the are up for renewal next year.

  5. Btw i know there are those who love E.T. but really if your cutting out stuff, that ride is dated. E.T. cant text or tweet by now please some advanced alien species. lol

  6. With the rumor going around with more Wizarding World and Hogwarts Express, I would love to see more Wizarding World. But would having a Hogwarts Express really work? Since it would be a transportation to another park, wouldn’t that mean that only the people who have 2 park passes woud be able to ride? If that did happen I think the ride would be very unpopular. Also, if a Wizarding World expansion were to happen would that mean the people who stay at the on-site hotels would get early acess to both parks instead of just Islands of Adventure? I’m very sad about the departure of JAWS, but the is extremley old. 21 years of running time. JAWS will live in my heart forever. But I feel if they were going to do away with one of the two original rides left, I would cast my vote to do away with E.T.

  7. Have any of you actually looked at the Transformers ride? It’s identical to spiderman, down to the ride vehicles. What would the point be of cloning Spiderman one park over?

    If its Transformers, Universal is being dumb.

  8. I was so sad to hear about the demise of the Jaws ride. We are planning a trip for my mother to the states in a year’s time and take her on this ride. Now she will never get the chance and she’s really not into Harry Potter and I think, that a train between the two parks would be just a waste of time.

  9. Seriously? Do you use your brain? Harry Potter in Jaws? Where is the train gonna go…through the brand new apartments? Or through the employee parking lot? Think, stupid! Think! You don’t think the second phase of Wizarding World could be taking over the rest of The Lost Continent? Sin-bad and Poseidon?

    I wanna know who the hell you think you are to start rumors like this and get peoples’ hopes up before Universal even announces anything.

  10. We don’t make up the rumors, we just report them. We don’t report them unless they have some legitimacy about them. We heard this rumor from more than one credible source.

  11. This is why I dislike media and reporters…you think you know everything and you make it seem like you’re 100% right. Sorry for being blunt. Hearing all this frustrates me.

    It makes no sense. There is no space for a train. How are they supposed to differentiate people with 1-park passes vs 2-park passes? No matter how they do that it will only become a major hassle to everyone. Plus…and this is where my heart lies with Universal…putting Potter there would only hurt Halloween Horror Nights because you know they won’t be allowed to touch that area if its Potter. At least I can say the last House in the Jaws queue was a good one.

    Just thinking logically I don’t see anyway that any of that could work. But who know maybe I’ll be eating my foot soon…

  12. One of the rumors we’ve heard is that the train would run above some of the buildings.

    At Disneyland, the monorail runs from Downtown Disney into Disneyland Park. In order to board the train, you have to scan your pass.

    We try to make it clear what is rumor and what is fact.

  13. ARE YOU OUT OF UR MIND!!!! U PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ABOUT E.T. BEING DATED! IT’S better to shut down the Simpsons and bring back BTTf and Nickelodeon, Hitchcock, Kongfrantation, etc. than Jaws. E.T. is our ONLY hope, now and next year it’s the film’s 30th anniversary! You expect to replace the ride that made the park what it is back in the day ?! Then you have lost ur mind! What u need is to stop whinning and FIGHT BACK! Universal has won the battle but WE, THE LOYAL FANS MUST FIGHT BACK AGAINST THIS COMPANY. IF NOT, WE STICK WITH DISNEY INSTEAD!

  14. some of you are getting a little too excited…is it really worth getting so bent out of shape about? Like the author said… these are all just rumors! haha

    For real though… T2 and Disaster are hopefully the next ones to go. They bore the crap outta me! Merry Grinchmas all! 🙂

  15. With JAWS closing in just hours and rumors spreading about more Wizarding World, I definitely think there will be more Wizarding World. I’ve heard from many credible sources that there will be an 8,900 square foot restaurant. My only guess would be a Leaky Cauldron restaurant. And I would love to see a Gringotts Bank roller coaster; hopefully passing the dragon, vaults such as the Potter’s, the vault containing the Sorcerers Stone, and the Lestrange vault. RIP JAWS! June 7th, 1990 – January 2nd, 2012!

  16. Keep Jaws, refurbish and renovate it!! make it new again just like Disney did with Star Tours!! its classic and the first Blockbuster movie of all time, sheeesh!!

  17. With all the new HOP stuff in univarsal their might be a Hop theam attraction will be in th future in Univarsal. But it will probibley be transformes.

  18. When I went to Universal T2 was the first place i always visit. It is VERY dated, and not to mention that although it was cool with the motor cycle in the show etc… Terminator was being played with a guy with a pot belly. Not cool. I think that should be replaced or updated.

  19. I’m a married mom with 3 kids.My hubby,kids,& I loved the Jaws ride,& hate any thing Harry Potter it’s so 1500’s reassioasinse themed.Jaws was a timeless classic,that would have never aged out.Universal should let their customers vote b4 they demolish a classic ride.Jurassic Park is another classic that will never go extinct.My 17 yr old son & I r asthamatic and couldn’t ride the water ride cause it’s 2 hard 2 breath in the clostophobic tunnel portion of the ride.Why can’t they have a ride thru version of jurassic Park like the made n the 1st Jurassic PK movie/make an extra Simsons ride.Hopefully they NEVER get rid of Men In Black/the Simsons ride that we haven’t had the $ saved 2 travel from Michigan 2 FL since JUne 2007.Hopefully the floods haven’t destroyed Universal Studios in Orlando.R thoughts & prayers go out to the Florida families effected by the floods n June 2012!!!!

  20. The last time I was able 2 afford 2 take my hubby & kids 2 Universal St’s N Orlando was like I mentioned n 2007.I regrt not going 2 see Terminator (my asthma was acting up that day;otherwise I would have went n2 the Terminator Ride)My hubby & kids loved it & it didn’t affect my oldest sons asthma @ all)I luv the Terminator movies,but am a HUGE fan of Transformers,a Tranformers Ride would also be cool.We hate Walt Disney World,not enough rides,even w/ a hard 2 find fast pass areas,2 long 2 wait around & do nothing w/ no where 2 cool off.Both Universal & Islands have walk n water fountains u can get wet n/misting fans,Curious George Water PK etc.Disney didn’t use their heads when they built their Orlando PK!THe only Disney PK r family liked was the MGM Hollywood themed Park,esp the Star Wars Ride & attractions.Disney’s other Park’s were awfully boring,not enough rides,by the time we found the fast pass areas I tickts expired b4 we got 2 get on the ride,the park shut down 2 a tornado flying over us.Luckily the torndo missed us,& sad for the residents of Ocala hit them instead.

  21. The only problem with the Transformers ride is that, as said earlier, it really is IDENTICAL to the Spiderman ride. They would have to completely rethink a NEW Transformers ride before adding it to the Orlando park.
    Secondly, Universal needs to stop destroying ALL of their original rides. I remember the first time I rode Jaws, I was 2 years old, and now, 20 years later, I can’t believe how many changes have been made. They’ve already destroyed my favorite part of Universal Studios, which was Back to the Future, with that stupid Simpsons ride which is too long and gives me the worst motion sickness. I understand when they got rid of the Hannah Barbera ride, because those were really old cartoons, BUT the Jimmy Neutron ride was BARELY there before you all destroyed that one too. I know a lot of my younger family members were very unhappy with that choice because they knew all of those cartoons and had so much fun with everything there.
    I don’t know what Universal is thinking, but destroying what makes the park classic, is NOT the way to go. Before you destroy any more of the rides people still love, think about what people really want.

  22. Hi to all the Universal Studios lovers, I just came back from a trip to Universal Florida and IT´S A SHAME that all the classic rides such ass King Kong, Earth Quake, Battle Gallactica (not shure about the name) and all this amazing stuff IS GONE!!!! Can´t beleive it! I took my 5 old year daughter with tons of ideas and high spectations about this rides and guess what…some stupid CEO decided they were no good anymore, and now they have tinny rides such as Disaster, MIB and stuff like that that they are REALLY BAD in comparisson with those amazing rides. And also, because there was a stupid horror night show the big 100 Universal central show WAS CANCELLED!!! WTF!!!! Don´t we all deserve the best from you at ALL TIMES?…. Without having to pay extra and extra and extra cash? Too many bad moves Universal staff.

  23. i thing it will be agrane movie ride for unvirsle. becuse on discipple me gats they pouth minons. i reckamend checking the web site for more imfor macion

  24. Guys come down, all they have to do is just put it somewhere else. Yes I’m pissed that they did this but it’s a old ride, they do need to update the ride anyway.