Join us for ‘Early Night Live’ at Hogsmeade

Want to go to the theme parks with us? Tune in live and interact during our weekly show, “Early Night Live”.

The show airs live on our YouTube channel each Thursday at 6 p.m., with our host and reporter Brittani Tuttle hosting from a new location every episode. She and her co-host of the day will take requests from viewers’ comments and experience all the theme parks and attractions in Orlando (and beyond) have to offer.

Come hang out with Brittani this Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m., as she’ll be live from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade! This week, she’ll be joined by “Attractions Magazine – The Show” reporter Vincent Rodriguez. Be sure to subscribe to our channel at and turn on notifications (click the bell) to catch the next episode of “Early Night Live” as soon as it starts.

For last week’s episode, Brittani and Vincent took shelter from the rain inside Windtraders at Pandora – The World of Avatar. They answered questions, checked out the merchandise, rode on the back of a banshee and more! In case you missed that episode, you can watch the replay here:

Early Night Live: Getting Washed Away at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Keep in mind that with a live show, anything can happen, and we’re at the mercy of a good internet connection.


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One Comment

  1. I couldn’t watch…they keep saying, “you guys,” as though the podcast is strictly for ‘guys.’ The correct pronoun for a group of people is “you,” not “you guys” unless it’s directed at “guys” only. If they said, “you guys and gals,” I could (almost) understand that as it would be simply slang for male sand females, but referring to everyone as “guys” is just wrong…even if some think it’s cute. It isn’t…

    What happened to grammar? Is it no longer being taught in the government school system? This seems to be a pervasive problem with YouTubers and I find it increasingly difficult to find anything worth watching.