‘Kingdom Keepers’ books receive updates to match the changes in the Disney Parks

The beloved children’s novel series, “Kingdom Keepers,” has received a few updates to realign the books to the Disney Parks as we know them today — and now we’ve got a look at the new covers!

kingdom keepers

When it came time to print a new edition of the novels, author Ridley Pearson brought up the idea of “updating” the books, as much as changed within Walt Disney World since their original printing. And thus, these new versions of the fan-favorite series were born!

Ridley said in our interview with him that some of the storylines themselves no longer worked, due to being centered around attractions, and therefore villains, that were no longer represented in the parks. Despite this, he believes that readers will still get just as much enjoyment out of these updated stories.

kingdom keepers
The new cover for the updated version of “Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark”

“The fun thing is, I think new readers, they won’t know any difference, and they’ll see that now Pandora is in it and things like that,” said Pearson. “But former readers, like Book Three is hardly the same book, because the whole story didn’t work. Too many things had been taken out of the park […] It’s been really fun for me because they’re very refreshed books.”

kingdom keepers
The new cover for the updated version of “Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn”

This news first came out last month, along with the revelation that the upcoming novel, “Kingdom Keepers: Inheritance,” had been pushed to March 2021. That new release date has since been pushed back even further to May 2021, due to the ongoing health situation around the world.

kingdom keepers
The new cover for the updated version of “Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow”

The first three books in the series are now available in their updated editions, and the updated version of “Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play” is currently in the works. Each of the revised editions features brand-new covers, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally picking up an older copy if you want to read the changes for yourself.

“[These books are] all-new stories, [with] all-new attractions. It was really fun for me, it was a chance to kind of give back to the ‘Kingdom Keepers’ community by saying ‘There are more stories there that you may not know,'” said Pearson.

You can watch our interview with him below:

Full Interview: Kingdom Keepers Author Talks Updates and New Books

You can pick up your own copies of the newly revised books at the following links:


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Ronnie watkins May 1, 2020 - 7:46 pm

Need to check them out look interesting.

RAMONDA SUE BRADY May 4, 2020 - 4:58 pm

How cool these books will be. Will read these. AWESOME

Mike N May 28, 2020 - 1:39 pm

updated books are not available in Kindle format? I just bought the kindle and it has old attractions. kinda disappointed


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