La Cava del Tequila will soon offer a new taste of Mexico at Epcot

The genuine Mexican cuisine of the San Angel Inn inside Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion will be joined by a variety of tequila flavors in La Cava del Tequila, which opens on August 28 next to the restaurant.

Guests visiting La Cava del Tequila will have the opportunity to enjoy over 70 types of authentic tequila from several major brands, ranging from the simplest to the rarest of them all, aged to perfection and made from the finest distilled spirits from the Agave Plant. A “Tequila Ambassador” will be on-hand to educate Guests on the history of Tequila making and its rich Mexican heritage.

Through the décor, art work, original artifacts and products served it will celebrate the heritage and tradition of Tequila making in Mexico.

Exotic and unique-blended margaritas will be served introducing a variety of flavored salts, spices and tropical fresh fruits masterfully prepared by experienced mixologists.

For those who crave Epcot’s annual International Food and Wine Festival year-round, a variety of quick tastes “Tapas style” will be available, including freshly made Guacamole, home fried Fresh Corn Chips , Salsas, Ceviches and Tostadas.


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  1. Any chance they’ll be doing a soft opening next week – like Saturday?!?!

    Tequila is much more than Jose Cuervo (no offense Jose) that you did shots of in college. The complexities can be compared to that of fine scotch or other spirits.