Last flight of a space shuttle orbiter, Endeavour leaves for California via Disney World

Space shuttle orbiter Endeavour left the Kennedy Space Center at dawn this morning.  It was the last time an orbiter flew over Florida. Endeavour left for its new home, the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

We have video here of Endeavour beginning the flight:

Space Shuttle Endeavour takes off from Kennedy Space Center for the last time

Endeavour flew west, right over Walt Disney World, as seen in video here:

Space Shuttle Endeavour flying over Disney World - Epcot, Magic Kingdom and more

A few days earlier Endeavour was moved from the VAB and mounted on the 747.

One of the three mount points, at the nose.

The two rear mount points.

The orbiter mounts to the 747 through these hatches, as seen on shuttle Discovery at the Smithsonian. The same mount points held the orbiter to the external tank. The hatches slammed shut when the external tank was released.

Here’s a look inside the 747, as seen in 1997.

Line to walk through the 747 at a 1997 NASA employee open house.

The last time the tail cone is being used. It reduces aerodynamic drag in the flight.

The tail cone was stored in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) after the last flights of Discovery and Enterprise.

The worker seen at center is on an access bridge equivalent to the one seen in the foreground.

The flight crew.

It was impressive to see Endeavour rising over the trees as the 747 taxied to the other end of the runway.

Hundreds of guests watched from the Shuttle Landing Facility.


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