Learn to draw Mickey Mouse at home with a Disney Parks artist

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at home that adds a bit of Disney magic to your day, you’re in luck! Here’s a complete video series on how to draw Mickey Mouse and his various looks.

mickey mouse

Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey at the Disney Parks for years, and has plenty of tips for artists of all skill levels.

While the parks are temporarily closed, Ketchum has offered his skills to these tutorials, which include learning to draw a vintage 1920’s Mickey, a more contemporary mouse, and the whimsical “pie-eyed” Mickey.

How-To Draw Mickey Mouse - 1920s | Magic Kingdom Park

Let’s start things off with instructions on how to draw Mickey as he would have appeared in the late 1920s. Just start with a simple circle and then use lightly-drawn curves to create the iconic mouse.

How-To Draw Mickey Mouse - Contemporary | Magic Kingdom Park

Drawing a more modern Mickey is a similar process, just with a few different shapes added.

Learn to Draw: ‘Pie-Eyed’ Mickey Mouse Wraps Special Art Series

Finally, create the perfect “pie-eyed” Mickey by started with an oval shape instead of a standard circle, followed by lightly-drawn curved lines.

Grab some paper and try your hand at drawing these Mickeys!


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