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You’ve seen them in theme parks, county fairs, and arcades around the country. Carnival games, AKA games of skill, where you try to knock some cans down, throw a ball into a hole or basketball in a small hoop, etc., can sometimes seem impossible. But they’re all winnable, and new YouTube and TikTok channels run by Central Florida residents Spencer and Katie show you how to win carnival games. With their video series surrounding the best theme park games on YouTube and daily content on TikTok, you’re sure to take home a prize soon.

Spencer Coleman of Winner Every Time holding a teddy bear at cedar Point theme park - how to win carnival games

Almost every theme park across the U.S. and many around the world have impressive carnival games dotted around coasters and thrill rides. Katie and Spencer of “Winner Every Time” have made it their goal to test these games, looking for the ones that are easy to win and perfecting their skills to help others.

Katie Coleman of Winner Every Time holding a squishmallow at a theme park. - how to win carnival games

Games like Bowler Roller, Tub Toss, and Bank-A-Ball are typically lined with stuffed animals bigger than a small child. The larger the prize, the more challenging the game. According to Spencer and Katie, accuracy matters more than speed, and there are tips to look for the best place to aim in many games. They’ve even built carnival games in their house to test out all of the best tips and tricks (and to try some crazy fan-suggested theories).

The midway-loving team posts videos on YouTube three times a week, with the Wednesday evening slot reserved for carnival game videos. They’ve visited popular parks such as Legoland, Holiday World, and Cedar Point to put their games to the test. They showcase redemption arcades close to theme parks as well, so your whole vacation gaming plans are covered.

With over a quarter of a million followers on TikTok, the how-to videos they produce lead many viewers to big wins. They also host live video chats as well to answer questions and provide insight into the carnival game world and arcade industry.

Their number one tip is to always ask the person running the game to clarify the rules. Spencer said “If you don’t understand, ask them to play the game first to show you how it’s done. Ask for tips or what people that win do most often. A lot of times the key to winning is simple, and the biggest obstacle is in your head.”

“Sharing our love of carnival games with the world has been an absolute blast,” added Katie. “We can’t wait for the upcoming 2022 theme park season to play even more games!”

As far as other future plans, the couple plans to travel the U.S. again in 2022 in their RV. And yes, the RV is slightly modified for extra stuffed animal storage.

You can find great carnival and arcade content, and maybe even learn how to win carnival games from Winner Every Time at YouTube.com/WinnerEveryTime and TikTok.com/@winnereverytime! Here are some of their popular videos:

Playing Every Simpsons Carnival Game at Universal Studios

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