Leave A Legacy display returns to Epcot with brand-new look

As part of the ongoing transformation of Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort, the Leave A Legacy display has returned to the park with a new location and brand-new look!

leave a legacy

The Legacy sculpture now has a new home just outside the park’s entrance, and sports a bright and colorful new look that features the park’s new color palette.

A feature for this refreshed Leave A Legacy display is the tile finder search, where guests can use their smart device to scan a QR code and get coordinates for a specific tile’s location. Guests can also visit the Epcot Guest Relations team for help in finding a tile on the display.

leave a legacy

This is the latest addition to Epcot’s updated entrance area, following the debut of the entrance fountain and pylons in 2020.

Do you have a tile on the Leave A Legacy display, or know of a famous person’s tile we can hunt for the next time we’re at Epcot? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I sure hope N*SYNC still has all five of their legacy tiles placed together! Also, I cannot WAIT to go back and see my 12 year old self from October 1, 1999. It really looks great!

  2. Hi, not famous. But this is my mums leave a legacy, she died in 2005. It was her favourite place…
    We are from London and take every opportunity when we know anyone who is visiting Epcot to ask them to say hi.
    We visit as often as we can and cry every time. Mums address was East 4-G-7-8-16
    She used to have a great view of the monorail and spaceship earth..It’s Mickey ears with “Jill Carlisle only a heart beat away” if you could go say hi that would great!thank you in advance…

  3. My wife and I are on there somewhere.
    We used to be middle-ish of the top row on block E
    The date to the left of us is in a UK format, as were from the UK.
    Last spotted in 2018, on our last trip.
    Were due to come over last year, but maybe one day soon. Stay safe

  4. Funny how our Walk Around the World bricks were disposed of but the Legacy tiles ended up with a brand new display….