Legoland Billund in Denmark to expand with The Lego Movie World in 2020

The Lego Movie World is making its way to Legoland Billund in 2020, and will be the park’s biggest investment to date – as well as include Scandinavia’s first flying theater.

legoland billund

While this has the same overall theme as its counterpart at Legoland Florida Resort, the version at Legoland Billund will not be an exact replica.

lego movie world

The new land will have The Lego Movie Masters of Flight flying theater attraction, Unikitty’s Disco Drop drop tower ride, and a playground area themed to Benny’s spaceship. The thing that will make this land unique will be a brand-new aerobatic ride, exclusive to Legoland Billund.

legoland billund

“We are very excited to get another new area and three new rides here in Legoland Billund,” said Christian Woller, director of Legoland. “It will be a unique and thoroughly themed experience, and our guests will no doubt feel that they are entering the fan-favorite universe they know from the Lego movies.”

The aerobatic ride, unique to Legoland Billund, will be a high-flying attraction aimed toward older kids. On this attraction, guests will manage their own aircraft and decide how much the plane should rotate.

“This aerobatic ride is a really fun one that addresses the slightly larger children, where a little more speed is needed, and where you can get a little giddy before landing your plane again. So one should not be too afraid to be turned upside down,” said Woller.

legoland billund

“The Lego Movie World will get a really good mix of something for the whole family,” said Woller. “So there is no doubt that we are very excited to be able to add another great area to the Legoland Billund experience.”

The Lego Movie World will be located in the area behind the X-treme Racers, and guests will be able to enter from both Adventure Land and Polar Land.

To learn more about Legoland Billund, visit For a look around Florida’s land, check out our video below.

Exploring The Lego Movie World at Legoland Florida Resort

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