Limited-time Doraemon XR ride coming to Universal Studios Japan

From Feb. 23 to Sept. 3, 2023, guests at Universal Studios Japan will be able to fly with characters from the upcoming Doraemon animated film on Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita’s Sky Utopia.

Doraemon XR ride
Images courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

The limited-time XR coaster will take over Space Fantasy: The Ride. Guests will be immersed in the world of “Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Sky Utopia” as they embark on a “grand journey across the sky” with Norito, Doraemon, and other characters, including Sonya – a “perfect-in-every-way cat-type robot” – and the bounty hunter Marimba who’s known for finding people’s secrets.

What is an XR Ride?

An XR Ride is an attraction where guests can experience super realistic worlds brought to life through next-generation VR technology that uses sight and sound to create an enhanced sensory experience through gravitational force and other entertainment elements during the ride.

Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita’s Sky Utopia

According to The Universal Studios Japan website, the new limited-time Doraemon XR ride follows the story of the film, as guests climb into a small aircraft to join Doraemon (a cat-type robot) and Nobita (A 10-year-old elementary school student) on a grand tour of Paradapia, a utopia in the sky where everyone lives in happiness. Guided by Sonya, the aircraft is soaring over the islands of Paradapia when suddenly Marimba turns the peaceful tour into a thrilling adventure with a high-speed chase across the sky.

Doraemon XR ride - Nobita
Doraemon XR ride - Doraemon
Doraemon XR ride - Sonya

Experience the excitement of adventure with beautiful visuals perfectly synchronized with a thrilling coaster ride while using Doraemon’s famous tools, such as the “Small Light” and the “Doko Demo Door” that we’ve all dreamed of using […] setting the stage for an exciting, fast-paced adventure.

Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita’s Sky Utopia will be included on the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass starting Jan. 20, 2023. Click here for more information.

“Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Sky Utopia” debuts in Japanese theaters on March 3, 2023.

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