London’s Variant 31 horror game gets even scarier for Halloween weekend

Variant 31, London’s new live-action horror gaming experience, is getting even scarier for Halloween weekend with a new Blackout variation being offered now through November 2.

London Variant 31 poster
London’s Variant 31 is making its interactive horror gaming experience even more extreme for Halloween by shutting off the lights.

Last month, Big Dreamer Productions and Stephen McGill Productions, in association with Rachel Kraftman Productions and MDR Productions, debuted Variant 31 at London’s Space 18 immersive theater venue. The 90 minute experience allows to explore the ruins of Toxico Technologies, whose chemical weapon experiments have unleashed the undead.

Teams are tasked to freely explore the 42,000 square foot facility, solving puzzles and interacting with over 150 performers as they attempt to escape. Variant 31 is not a virtual reality or haunted house attraction, but is described as an “immersive survival game.”

For Halloween, Variant 31 is taking that scary scenario and amping up the anxiety by turning off the lights. From October 30 through November 2, those who brave Variant 31: Blackout will have to navigate pitch darkness with only a flashlight to guide them.

General admission tickets start at £39, and there is a daily lottery for £13 tickets. For information or tickets visit, and watch these videos of other immersive interactive horror attractions:

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