A look at the huge new Solar Hidden Mickey

by Matt Roseboom

solar hidden mickey mouse

When you’re driving down World Drive near Epcot Center Drive, you probably won’t even notice the solar panels next to you. You probably won’t even notice them from the monorail. You’ll need to get high up in the air to see the newest huge Hidden Mickey.

But thanks to the folks at NearMap.com, you won’t need to book a flight to see it. Take a look:

solar Mickey

That’s Epcot on the right side of the photo. Even though this solar Mickey, made of 48,000 solar panels operated by a Duke Energy subsidiary, looks huge, it’s not the largest Hidden Mickey in Central Florida. That award goes to the nearby Hidden Mickey Forest, which was planted by cast members in 1992. Here’s a comparison by Don Gworek, using NearMap.com and Google Maps:

mickey forest vs solar

Learn more about the Solar Hidden Mickey Here.

Learn more about the Hidden Mickey Forest Here and in the video below:

Hidden Mickey Forest - Learn how it was created by planting trees near Walt Disney World

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