Out of the Loop: For a unique thrill, try the world’s only underground zip lines at Mega Cavern

mega cavern zip line

By Don Gworek

The Kentucky Derby is coming soon, but here’s another attraction unique to Louisville, Ky.: underground zip lines. Mega Cavern has the only underground zip lines in the world. The zip lines are strung in a former quarry.

Here’s video showing how cool it is to ride these zip lines:

Zip Line to Hell! Underground Cave Zip Lines at Mega Cavern

group Although it looks like everyone is wearing mining gear for the zip lines, the only thing different is the helmet light. It’s pretty chilly in the quarry all year long, you may want to wear a long sleeve shirt or hoodie.

long Here you can see two zip line cables crossing paths at different elevations. Some sections go through tunnels 100 feet tall, floor to ceiling.

ramp Here you can see a ramp once used in the mining to get from one level to another. The quarry has 17 miles of tunnels! A tram tour is available to see more of the quarry and learn more of the history of the mining. There is also an underground ropes challenge course.

bridge Bridges are used to get from one zip line to another. Only two people at a time can cross.

nextGroup Zip line groups leave regularly, up to 14 people at a time. Seen here is one group leaving the tunnels while another is entering.

Advance reservations can be made online, and there is an early bird discount price. More information at louisvillemegacavern.com


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