Lunchables’ ‘Lunchabuilds’ want you to play with your food

Lunchables has entered the toy market with its brand new “Lunchabuilds” limited-edition building kits inspired by the kid-favorite lunchtime packs, as part of a cooperative campaign with iconic toy store, FAO Schwartz.

Lunchables Lunchabuilds displays

Take a snack-sized portion of meat, cheese, and crackers, cast them in plastic, blow them up so they’re larger-than-life, and you’ve got the Lunchables immersive displays that will take over the historic FAO Schwartz store and storefront windows in New York City, throughout the month of September.

As part of the “Built to be Eaten” campaign, visitors to Rockefeller Plaza’s famous toy store can experience a 6-foot-tall Cracker Stacker rocket ship, a Kabobble Trojan Horse, and a Pepperoni Pizza UFO, all geared toward inspiring children’s creativity while designing with the Lunchables packs.

“For years, kids have been dreaming, building, and creating with Lunchables,” claims Rachel Drof, marketing director at Kraft Heinz. “Like other traditional toys, Lunchables has fostered creativity and individuality by encouraging kids to use their imaginations while playing with and building with their food. Now, we’re taking it one step further by giving kids the tools to build anything they can imagine out of Lunchables — like a rocket ship or a robot. With Lunchables, if you can build it then you can eat it!”

Lunchables Lunchabuilds building kits

Along with the giant Lunchables displays, there will be three limited-edition building kits to choose from (only 10 of each theme) at FAO Schwartz’s online shop, starting Sept. 3:

  • Lunchabuilds Architect Building Kit: Pack of Oscar Mayer breaded “Chicken Popper Kabobbles,” pretzel sticks, Kraft American cheese, and a cookie; instructions on building France’s iconic tower; a trip to an architectural wonder in Seattle, New York City, or St. Louis for one adult and one child; an instant camera; and a 3-D puzzle.
  • Lunchabuilds Biologist Building Kit: Pack of lean ham, Kraft cheddar cheese, crackers, and cookies; instructions on building an edible penguin; a trip to a top zoo in Omaha, New York City, or San Diego for one adult and one child; an instant camera; and a 3-D puzzle.
  • Lunchabuilds Explorer Building Kit: Pack of turkey, Kraft American Cheese, crackers, and cookies; instructions on building a rocket ship; a trip to a “galactic getaway” in Florida, Texas, or Virginia for one adult and one child; an instant camera; and a 3-D puzzle.

Each extremely-limited-edition kit costs $100, with a value of more than $2,000; additional terms and conditions apply.

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