Magic City Mayhem – ‘The Last Drop’ – April 20, 2016

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Mikey, Lauren, and Harry head over to the Magic Kingdom for Harry’s first ride on Splash Mountain, enjoy other sights and sounds from the park, and a major announcement.

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Magic City Mayhem - 'The Last Drop' - April 20, 2016

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  1. Hi guys,
    That is the worst episode I ever watched, not because of your video but the news that you are stopping magic city mayhem. I discovered you guys about 6/8 months ago and look forward to your
    Episodes each week. It is the 1st thing I click on..
    You said you are still going to do your YouTube that something I can sign up for or do I just go and search MCM ?
    Lauren,Harry and Mikey thanks guys, I hope you renew your contract..
    (Bristol PA)

  2. Was sorry to hear the news of your ending your run with attractions magazine. Thanks for all of the great stuff you were able to do. Enjoyed your show. Blessings in your new adventures.

  3. Just watched the last show. I am so sorry to hear that your show is coming to an end. I really looked forward to it.