Use your defunct Toys ‘R’ Us gift card at Main Event Entertainment

main event entertainment
Main Event Entertainment is redeeming old Toys “R” Us gift cards for a limited time.

Main Event Entertainment has announced that guests can now bring any unredeemed Toys “R” Us plastic gift cards to their local Main Event center and exchange them for $20 in game play.

Guests can use the redemption to earn points playing in the games gallery, which features over 100 of the latest interactive video games and win fun toys and prizes.

Guests will receive one $20 FUNcard, good for game play only, for each Toys “R” Us gift card turned in, regardless of the amount remaining on the card. There is a limit of two cards redeemed, per person, per day.

“We wanted to take a challenging situation and make it more positive for our guests,” said Brendan Mauri, senior director of marketing at Main Event Entertainment. “We understand that parents and kids all across the country were upset by the closing of one of their favorite retail brands, so we wanted to offer a silver lining to them by turning their expired gift cards into $20 of pure fun!”

All Toys “R” Us gift cards expired on April 21, 2018. The former retail chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in September 2017, and is currently in the middle of a liquidation and asset auction overseen by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Virginia.

Main Event Entertainment is only offering this exchange program through May 31. For more information and locations, visit


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