Main Street Electrical Parade to continue at Magic Kingdom

The Main Street Electrical Parade made its return to the Magic Kingdom in early June as part of Disney’s Summer Nightastic and was supposed to end on Aug. 14 for the Spectromagic nighttime parade’s return. But the Electrical Parade has been so popular with guests, they’ve extended its run at the Magic Kingdom.

No end date has been announced for the Electrical Parade, but all other elements of Summer Nightastic – Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular, Tower of Terror Re-Imagined and the Rock ‘N’ Glow Dance Party – will end as announced on Aug. 14.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the Main Street Electrical Parade:

Behind the scenes - Main Street Electrical Parade and Disney's Summer Nightastic

Here’s the Electrical Parade in action:

And in case you won’t be able to visit by Aug. 14, here’s a video of the Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular and the Tower of Terror Re-Imagined:

Tower of Terror Summer Nightastic POV ride-through at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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  1. I feel that Spectromagic is better than Main Street Electrical Parade . In fact, Spectromagic replaced after several years of Main Street Electrical Parade .The music has no comparison, Spectromagic is much more romantic than the strident ofElectrical Parade. The floats, change color to white and Spectromagic effects, are amazing.
    Main Street Electrical Parade to continue at Magic Kingdom,I would not be much longer…
    On this magic night,
    A million stars will play beside us,
    Cast a spell of light,
    Glimmering, shimmering, carouselling
    ‘Round the world tonight,
    A symphony in SpectroMagic.
    Pure enchantment lights our way!

  2. I think it’s about money. I believe that if they were to send it back to California by it’s original return date then they would have lost money or broke even, in shipping and advertisement.

  3. I have to disagree with the post above…I feel the Main St Electrical Parade far surpasses SpectroMagic. I did enjoy SpectroMagic but the real true feel of Disney comes out in the MSEP. Face it Disney has become so commercialized over the years to a point of disappointment (even though I am still a fan I try to ignore this fact), and bringing back the MSEP took me back to 1984 and how magical and non-commercial it was back then. I like that the parade is more focused on the parade and there are dribs and drabs of characters in it (although I missed Pluto). I just came back 2 weeks ago and had gone specifically for the MSEP and Captain EO. I welcome the throwbacks for awhile because it’s a nice homage to what made Disney so special to begin with. I’m sure there are already plans for change in the future so for those that LOVE the MSEP and it’s song as I do, take it while you can :0)

  4. Just like I heard from a tech I know who works at the Kingdom: the ELP will be staying until the new Fantasyland opens. We have the extension part, now just confirmation of the end date is needed.

  5. Hurray! Might be there when I am in Orlando for a conference!

    Have to agree with Layne. Main St is better in my opinion. Main St. Electrical Parade has the nostalgia factor. The music unifies the parade. The music is whimsical and leaves you smiling if you even thing of the melody in your head.

    I really do not like Spectromagic. It’s ok. I know this is vague, but it doens’t have the character or soul that Main St. EP has.

  6. I love the ELP and am always excited to hear it is making a return or has been extended at MK. I was lucky enough to see it while at WDW in June for it’s premiere and am THRILLED to hear it has been extended and can’t wait to tell the family we will be able to enjoy it again on our trip in December. I do love Spectromagic too, don’t get me wrong, but I think there is something special about the ELP.

  7. I am disappointed they are extending the ELP. I have seen it three times over the years at Disneyland and California. I am coming to WDW for the first time next month and was looking forward to seeing Spectromagic.

  8. I must say SpectroMagic is must bettter than Main Street parade. i just recent saw it last week and i was very dissappointed and it was very boring too. at least spectro the music changes and lights change, main street nothing happens and its quite boring as well. the music used to change when it was here before and now its the same all the way through and they need to get rid of the patrotic floats at the end.

  9. I am so sad to here that this parade is being extended. I booked my vacation for this year for AFTER August 14 because I thought the Main Street Parade would be over and Spectro would return. I am heartbroken – Spectro is visually beautiful and the music is amazing.

  10. I can not stand SpectroTradgic. The whole parade is trumpet fan fare and ends like a funeral. The Electric Light Parade is far more superior and being original. Those who do not like American theme float at its end do not care to be patriotic. I’m sure those folks do not like the water light parade as well for that ending too. Count your blessing for freedom and Disney does a great job paying respect for our great country.
    Disney’s needed to respond to the market, Harry Potter now open and Lego Land which opens in spring 2011. The Electrical Parade is always extended just as it return for Millennium Celebration 1999 to Nov. 2001. Also ran from 1977 – 1991
    You can bet a new parade will debut when the new Fantasyland opens Dumbo 2012.
    Layne, OOTL Andy, and Col920 have it right.

  11. The Main Street Electrical Parade will always hold a very special place in my heart. I love this parade, which in my opinion, completely surpasses Spectromagic in all areas. I do also love Spectromagic, but it doesn’t hold a Yankee candle to MSEP.

  12. I was dissapointed to hear that Electric Light Parade was being extended. I am going to Disney in September and was looking forward to the Spectro Magic Parade which I think is by far much better. I just love the music. I also booked later in hopes to see Spectro Magic. I am very heartbroken that it wont be there. The music to the parade is just wonderful, it brings such great memories of Disney World.

  13. We went to magic kingdom in march, all the way from Australia, we stayed for 3 weeks and watched the electrical parade four times in full and even play the music at home im sorry but we absolutely loved it, and hope its still playing next time we return.