VIDEO: Man catches a stranger’s flying cell phone while on a roller coaster

A man’s athletic skills were put to good use on a recent trip to a Barcelona theme park, as Samuel Kempf caught a phone flying through the air while riding on a roller coaster.

roller coaster

As reported by, Kempf’s catch happened while he was in Europe, representing New Zealand in the Fistballing World Championships. After the championships ended, he decided to take a trip to PortAventura World and take a ride on one of the park’s biggest attractions, Shambhala.

“The guy two rows ahead of me, as the ride started doing its ascent before it drops, he had his phone out and he dropped it and it just landed at the bottom of his cart,” Kempf said. “He was trying to reach down and grab it but because he was locked in he couldn’t reach it and I just jokingly said to my brother and the people we were with ‘get ready to catch’.”

Not long after, that joke became a reality and Kempf indeed caught the phone as it hurtled toward him. He returned the phone to its owner after the ride, who promptly gave him a big hug in thanks.

You can watch the video of Kempf’s amazing catch below:

Catching a strangers phone on roller coaster

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