Mardi Gras at SeaWorld San Diego begins January 21

The good times will roll on select days Jan. 21-Feb. 26, 2023, when Mardi Gras at SeaWorld San Diego returns for its third year.

Mardi Gras SeaWorld San Diego

The excitement of Mardi Gras at SeaWorld San Diego will be brought to life with a party vibe consisting of live music and performances, including the all-new Mardi Gras-inspired processional. The lively procession will be led around the park by Mardi Gras Madame, Mama, and festive Mardi Gras performers, including stilt walkers, dancers, and jugglers who will encourage park partygoers to join along the way.

The processional finishes at the Mardi Gras stage where the party continues with a rousing song and dance number, “No Bad News.”

Mardi Gras SeaWorld San Diego

The Mardi Gras stage will also showcase performances by an all-new New Orleans Good Time Jazz Band, San Diego Circus Center performers, and a DJ every event day. During the evening, guests can walk through the SeaWorld Tunnel of Lights and enjoy a Louisiana-inspired light show. The festival area will also include a face-painting booth, ribbons, lights, and masks.

Mardi Gras SeaWorld San Diego

“We’re excited to bring an even bigger and better Mardi Gras experience to SeaWorld San Diego this year,” said Tim Hamilton, vice president of Entertainment at SeaWorld San Diego. “Guests are invited to join the soiree because we’re offering a true New Orleans-style party. Just like dancing in the streets, our guests will be dancing through the park and immersed by the sights, sounds, and tastes of a San Diego-style Mardi Gras. Laissez le bon temps rouler!”

Mardi Gras SeaWorld San Diego

Of course, food makes up a tasty portion of this event. Guests can indulge in new and returning authentic menu items, including king cake, beignets, and gumbo. Guests can also indulge in classic New Orleans dishes like po’boys sandwiches, muffulettas, andouille sausage, and shrimp jambalaya. Vegetarian diners can choose menu items like plant-based dirty rice and hush puppies. In addition, a sweet side of this event returns with beignets and pecan praline king cake, which SeaWorld San Diego claims pairs well with chicory coffee. Additional beverages offerings include beer, mint juleps, and hurricanes.

Guests may choose to purchase sampler lanyards for this event, either five samples for $40 or ten samples for $60.

The Mardi Gras festivities are included with the price of admission. The event runs every weekend from Jan. 21 to Feb. 26, 2023. This event also happens on Friday, Feb. 17, and Monday, Feb. 20. Event times are subject to change. Click here for more information.


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