How do Power-Up Bands work in Super Nintendo World?

by Samantha Davis-Friedman

When Super Nintendo World opens on Feb. 17, 2023, at Universal Studios Hollywood, guests can “level up” their experience with interactive Power-Up Bands.

Super Nintendo World Power-up Bands
Images courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

The wearable wristbands are available in six designs themed to Nintendo characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Princess Daisy. Power-Up Bands will sync with Universal Studios Hollywood’s official app and trigger the land’s interactive elements; however, purchasing a band is not required to enjoy Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World

Power-Up Bands Determine Teams

Choosing which character you want is more important than it appears because your character determines which “Team” you’ll be on.

Super Nintendo World Power-up Bands

Yes, Nintendo fans, teams compete to achieve the highest daily score by collecting the most digital coins. Guests can check their personal and team scores by linking their Power-Up Bands to the app or referring to Checkpoint Screens in the land.

“Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge”

When riding the Super Nintendo World’s signature attraction – “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” – guests can tap their band on the ride vehicle’s steering wheel to track digital coins collected.

Super Nintendo World - Mario Kart

After the ride, they can compare their ranking against friends and family in the official Universal Studios Hollywood app – and then ride again to improve their score.

Power-Up Bands Unlock Interactive Games and Experiences

Power-Up Bands unlock gameplay activities and experiences throughout Super Nintendo World, including collecting digital coins and stamps by completing milestones within the land.

Super Nintendo World Power-up Bands

Guests can also use their bands to win Key Challenges from Goomba Crazy Crank, Koopa Troopa POWer Punch, Piranha Plant Nap Mishap and Thwomp Panel Panic (collecting at least three will allow access to the final boss battle with Bowser Jr.)

Power-Up Bands Enhance Character Experiences

Meet-and-greet opportunities with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are accessible to all guests visiting the land; however, Power-Up Bands can enable enhanced experiences with the characters.

Super Nintendo World

Where Can You Purchase Power-Up Bands?

Beginning Feb.17, 2023, Power-Up Bands can be purchased at shops within Super Nintendo World and select retail locations in the rest of Universal Studios Hollywood park and CityWalk ($40 plus tax). Guests can download the official Universal Studios Hollywood app before visiting, so the fun can start from the second they “warp into the land” via the giant green pipe.

Super Nintendo World

In addition to “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge,” Super Nintendo World will feature themed dining at the Toadstool Café and shopping at the 1-UP Factory retail store.

Click here for more information, and check out the video to see all the ways to level up your day in Super Nintendo World.

Up Your Play with a Power-Up Band™ at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™

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