Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament to feature new show

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, known as North America’s longest running dinner attraction, is premiering their new first new show since 2007 on June 26, 2012. The show will offer many new elements while the most popular traditions remain.

Almost two years in the making, the new show will feature even more audience favorites such as live jousting, sword fights, horsemanship and falconry. Guests are taken back in time and encouraged to cheer for one of six “Knights of the Realm,” named after historic regions of medieval Spain.

In addition to a new story, the production includes new lighting, choreography and battlescenes, costumes, new horse dressage elements, and a new musical score custom created in Kiev, Ukraine by award-winning IMAX and feature film score composer Daniel May.

“In a sense, we’ve gone back to the basics,” said Leigh Cordner, Medieval Times creative director. “Guests will see a celebration of the horses along with more action and elements of high drama. The streamlined plot allows more concentration on the action.

After the opening, guests will witness intricate battles, which are precisely planned sequences that have been practiced daily. With authentic weaponry and enhanced armor, the new production presents non-stop action tied to the tempo of the music. And while there’s still a general theme of “good versus evil” throughout the show, guests will see much more of what they like most about the show – fight scenes.

Guests will enjoy an upgraded menu for the utensil-free meal during the new show.
The menu includes:
• Tomato Bisque
• Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil and Seasoning
• Oven Roasted Chicken
• Larger BBQ Spare Rib
• Herb-Basted Potato Split into Quarters
• Braided Apple Strudel
• Larger Beverage Servings and Coffee

Here’s a look at the current show:

A look at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida

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