Mickey and Minnie debut new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary outfits

Today on “Good Morning America,” Mickey and Minnie showed off a new set of outfits for the 50th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World. These “ear-idescent” colors, adorned with gold, are part of the 18-month long celebration at Walt Disney World.

Mickey and Minnie in their new 50th anniversary outfits

While the celebration officially begins Oct. 1, 2021, we may see these outfits in the park sooner.

Mickey's anniversary outfit

Both outfits’ colors match closely with the overall nighttime projection mapping color scheme that will happen on all four park icons. Mickey also has the “50” icon embellished on his jacket.

anniversary outfits

Minnie swapped out for a gold bow, much like how Cinderella Castle will soon be adorning even more gold embellishments.

anniversary outfits

A close-up look at the Cinderella Castle concept art showcases how even more gold will be added, along with the “50” icon that Mickey has on his jacket. Due to current social distancing procedures, it is currently unknown when guests will be able to get up-close to meet with these two in their new outfits.

What do you think of this new outfit design? Are you excited for the park’s big celebration? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. New “Friendship in the Imagination” Daytime Parade to Debut at Magic Kingdom Park in 2022

    Now is a good time to get in your last views of Magic Kingdom’s long-running Festival of Fantasy Parade as this will be its very last year hitting the parade route of Magic Kingdom Park. Come 2022, a new completely new daytime parade will grace Main Street U.S.A. for the first time in nearly 8 years.

    Festival of Fantasy Parade is expected to conclude its run at the park later this year. The New Fantasyland procession has been running on-and-off there since the Spring of 2014.

    The new parade, tentatively titled “Friendship in the Imagination”, will debut by the Summer/Fall of 2022. Rumored floats in the parade include Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Frozen 2, Mary Poppins Returns, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and even Melody Time, The Fox and the Hounds and Fantasia 2000.

    Disney has yet to officially announce the new parade, but it is expected that they will do so at the 2022 D23 Expo in August.

  2. Someone on Rat Chat is saying that in 2022, Festival of Fantasy will be replaced with a new parade called Friendship in the Imagination (title still being worked on). Here are some of the details:

    It’s a day parade for Magic Kingdom to replace Festival of Fantasy, set to open less than a year from now for 2023. The working title is Friendship in the Imagination. The theme is the Friendship in the Imagination in Disney stories, and the float dreams on, set to be a veritable circus of animation and entertainment, with the advertisement calling upon bungee acrobats, wheel of death, jumping stilt, spreader bar acrobats, skipping ropes, flag artists, puppeteers and stilt walkers. Float and unit rundown is;

    Opening unit using Sorcerer Mickey’s and Fantasia friends as the float/parade icon.
    Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio unit with a tea party and clock effect
    Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh unit with toy and honey effects
    The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan unit with sea and rainbow
    Encanto and Coco unit with house and music
    Raya and the Last Dragon and Turning Red unit, with dragon and red panda
    Frozen unit with forest and snow
    Finale unit about all the good that Disney princesse does

    They also stated some other things about the parks:
    “Burbank peeps want WDWR to announce Friendship in the Imagination at D23Expo this September”