Minnesota Twins’ Target Field launches the first Augmented Reality game in a sports stadium

The Minnesota Twins baseball team’s Target Field has been announced as the first live sports setting to get immersive, interactive Augmented Reality gaming by ARound.

Minnesota twins' target field ar game
Bigfoot surfs the wave at Target Field.
Image courtesy of Stagwell, Inc.

ARound augmented reality for live events is part of the Stagwell company, and their new app will make downtime during baseball games into a shared experience between fans in the stadium. The app’s 3D spatial computing will allow Target Field’s 40,000 attendees to view real-time 3D effects and participate in AR games together.

“Current AR platforms isolate users in singular experiences,” said ARound Founder and CEO Josh Beatty.  “ARound believes massive, multi-user AR enables a host of creative opportunities to redefine what it means to be part of a connected fan experience. Be it a player, a mascot, a brand, a play, or even another fan, ARound captures people’s attention and brings them closer to what’s right in front of them – during times they might otherwise be unengaged and on their phones – turning distraction to interaction and enhancing their overall experience.”

Augmented Reality Experience Takes Over Minnesota Twins' Target Field For Live Multi-Player AR Games

Fans can download the ARound app to their smartphone, then point the phone at the open field to start multi-user AR games, including Batter Up, Blockbuster, and Fishin’ Frenzy.

“We’re excited to introduce our fans to this never-before-seen technology as we continue to evolve and enhance the Target Field experience,” said Minnesota Twins Senior Director, Brand Experience & Innovation Chris Iles. “Part multi-player video game, part augmented reality, with the ability for future expansion into an interactive next-gen stats platform, we believe what we’ve built with ARound will provide fans a next-level experience available only at Target Field.”

In addition, app users can interact with real-time content while the Minnesota Twins are on the field, including after homeruns, during mascot races, and when the team takes to the field.

To make the most of downtime, fans can also compete with each other to see who can throw baseballs or hotdogs and knock down the most virtual blocks in the outfield, as part of another augmented reality game.

“Shared augmented reality is the next frontier that sports teams, brands, and other organizations should adopt as they look for ways to engage their audiences,” said Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn. “At Stagwell, we don’t just talk about the next frontiers of marketing and technology – we build them, and support founders through their growth.”


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