More info on Pleasure Island club closings & Downtown Disney enhancements

We spoke with Downtown Disney vice president Kevin Lansberry today in front of Pleasure Island to clarify and confirm details released in last night’s release from The Walt Disney Co. regarding the closing of all six Pleasure Island clubs and updates to Downtown Disney.

Lansberry confirmed that all six Pleasure Island clubs will be closing in September, including the popular Adventurer’s Club. While he did not rule out the possibility of the Adventurer’s Club reopening in another form some day, he told us that there are no current plans for it to reopen.

Video with Kevin Lansberry at Downtown Disney:

Download a high-resolution version of this video here.

Cast Members were informed of the PI closures yesterday afternoon, prompting the nighttime release of the information.

The biggest news (literally) beyond the PI announcement was that Downtown Disney will be receiving a giant balloon capable of bringing up to 30 guests 300 feet in the air over the water between Bongo’s and Wetzel’s Pretzels in Downtown Disney’s West Side. This balloon will be similar to the one found at Disneyland Resort Paris, but will be lit internally and offer different aesthetics.

Downtown Disney vice president Kevin Lansberry

The Adventurer’s Club


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  1. Nice reporting, real News Like… almost broadcast worthy actually. Thanks for the interview.

    Why do I think this “balloon” was done because of a certain Orlando Wheel…

  2. I haven’t been to Pleasure Island in years. It actually must’ve been a really, really long time because I’ve never even heard of The Adventurer’s Club.

  3. Come and take a trip back to 1937, where its always the New Member Membership drive. Family shows, radio adventure serial broadcast, radio talent shows, and of course the competition for Adventurer of the Year. All told shows that have been very disney. Capture the imagination and love of themeing a show. The Adventurers Club is Family Entertainment.

  4. Please keep Pleasure Island open. I love 8-tracks. Your going to send all your night-life business to Universal City Walk. Please re-consider.

  5. I used to drive up specifically from Miami with my wife so we can do some club hopping in Please Island. 4 years later and we still haven’t found a good replacement.