Movie Review: “Men In Black: International” opens up a whole new universe

“Men In Black: International”, the newest film in the M.I.B. franchise, brings together Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in an adventure that pays respect to the past while opening up a whole new universe of stories.

This spoiler free review will avoid plot points and stick to the feeling of the film. In short, I am happy. The story played off many features we love about the original films without having to lean on them to keep it going. Wild aliens with fantastic powers are everywhere, sarcasm is heavy and the humans are still having trouble trying to save the day.

Agent M (Tessa Thompson), and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth), are an excellent duo. Having working together in previous Marvel films, you can see the connection. These two are very natural and seem to be having fun the entire time. Their back-and-forth banter, alongside alien sidekick Pawny (Kumail Nanjiani), is snarky and hilarious.

With almost any modern film, CGI is inevitable. I was glad to see it appeared the CGI was used when necessary, but there was still a reliance on handcrafted creatures and sets. And, when the CGI was used, it was done fairly well. Villainous duo Twin 1 and 2 (Les Twins), had some of the coolest creature effects I have seen in a while. Fans of Les Twins, the winners of season one of World of Dance, will be happy to know the pair does get to showcase a sample of their amazing dance skills.

Another great portion of the film was its ability to spread a message without smothering the audience. There are so many films that force a subject that doesn’t coherently fit. And, while many of these agendas are important, sometimes too much can kill the story.

In “Men In Black: International”, female empowerment is a leading message. But unlike many other films, the writers have used female empowerment as a storytelling tool that feels natural. There aren’t forced moments of a strong woman having to prove herself. Agent M is simply an amazing fighter and her womanhood is showcased throughout. Pawny is a leader in this subject and his remarks to Agent H are some of the best in the entire film.

“Men In Black: International” feels like the starting point for a whole new universe of films. Yes, I do mean that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe way. I could see numerous films coming together from different agency locations around the world, each with their own alien infestation.

“Men In Black: International” debuts in theaters Thursday, June 13. While I saw the film in standard format, this film does lend itself to being a great experience in 3D, IMAX or 4DX theaters. To purchase tickets or learn more, click here to head to the official site.

In The Parks

Men In Black Alien Attack is a shooter-style attraction at the Universal Studios Florida park. While this new film is not represented in the attraction, guests can still walk through the New York MIB headquarters in the queue and have a chance to blast aliens throughout the ride. Periodically, guests can also meet characters from the MIB franchise around the park.
Men In Black Alien Attack attraction ride at Universal Studios Florida

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