Tips for becoming a Galaxy Defender on Men in Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios

It takes a special kind of Galaxy Defender to max out on the Men in Black Alien Attack ride at Universal Studios Florida. It takes someone who is not afraid to spin in circles while shooting the slime of the alien world. Here are some tips that will help you earn a suit of honor.

General tips include never letting your finger off of the trigger. The gun used in the ride is a laser pointer that is always shooting as long as you’re pulling the trigger, so keeping your finger down produces more points than using it like a real gun.

Another piece of advice is if you are new to the ride, try to ride once without shooting. This will help you to find the special hard to see targets. On your second journey, the key targets are much easier to find because they will be familiar. The single rider line is a great way to play over and over again without waiting as long in line.

The second-story aliens in each scene are worth more points. The cardboard cutout aliens on the second-story windows are worth more points than the detailed aliens at vehicle level. When shooting at some of the larger targets, the alien’s eyes will turn green; keep shooting at that specific target until their eyes turn red. This will result in larger points and a different sound from your gun.

The first chance to score points is in the training area. You’ll find aliens with targets on them; aim high and shoot left to right, then if you have time, shoot right to left on the ground level.

The next room features a large spaceship. After this ship to the right will be an alien reading a newspaper on a bench. Hit the alien once for the newspaper to go down. After the newspaper goes down you will see the alien version of Steven Spielberg; he is worth a lot of points. In this same area near the newsstand is Frank the pug dog. Aim at his tie and you will be highly rewarded. Also in this room look for an alien with a baby stroller. The baby alien inside the stroller is worth a lot of points.

During the next scene you will see an alien pointing a gun and taunting you about an ambush. Do not aim at the alien in plain sight: focus on the aliens hidden inside the trash cans located under the talking alien. High points can be earned by shooting the guns held by the aliens inside the trash cans.

After the taunting ends look along the wall for green eyes that are hidden inside fake trees. Hit the eyes until they turn red. Hitting the same target will give you larger points than just hitting it once and moving on in this case.

Your ride vehicle will then enter a scanning scene. Rest your finger during this scene and enjoy the small break from shooting. Be ready to shoot the moment after the scanning ends. Aim for the large red circle on the top of the opposite ride vehicle, also known as the fusion exhaust port: this can be done more than one time. I have also seen players shoot their own exhaust port to get points.

Will Smith will appear on a TV and warn you to “get your game faces on” during the last scene. Shortly after his warning you will be met with an extremely large bug. Keep your ears open and wait for Zed to tell you to “push the red button.” The first rider in each car to push the red button, located by your gun holster area on the vehicle, will earn the bonus 100,000 points.

Your ride vehicle will begin to spin wildly and your gun will become disabled once the red button is pushed. Riders then learn if they are Galaxy Defenders, Cosmically Average or Bug Bait. No matter what your final score, it is guaranteed you’ll have a fun time trying to save the universe.

Men In Black Alien Attack attraction ride at Universal Studios Florida

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  1. Great tips!
    Me and my brother love seeing who’ll get the highest score whenever we play the ride even as single riders. I k ew about the Steven Spielberg head but for the life of me can’t remember seeing Frank!

    How good would it be in the training scene if there was a little girl cut out like in the movie and hitting this target giving a large points score, after watching MIB the movie again I didn’t realise how realistic the ride was to alot of the scenes in the movie. Definatly one of my favourite rides and films!

  2. Do they still have the gift shop up?

    Also I have heard rumors that this ride is closing. Is it true?

  3. George: it is easier to get a better score with fewer players. The end scores are averages of everybody in each car. If you are riding by yourself, your score will show up there. If you are riding with six, and there a Doofus that only got 10k, your average will suffer.

    Chris: I highly doubt they’ll close this ride, especially since MIB3 just came out. I actually expect them to refurbish it and fix the nagging bugs (no pun intended) that keep cropping up.

    Also, there is an error in the article. It is NOT the first person who pushes the red button who gets the score. Everybody that pushes it at the correct moment will get the score (even all 6 if they do it right).

  4. I have never seen more than one person get the 100K bonus…ever. I usually score between 250 and 400K, depending if I get the bonus, but now I am going to see if I can up my score. The other high scoring ones are the posters on the walls in the “scanner” sequence and the ones up on the light poles.

    The fusion exhaust ports on the other vehicle are fun, but I am pretty sure they are only worth about 20K per hit, you are way better off hitting the posters as far as I can tell.