Movie Review: ‘Secret Society of Second-Born Royals’ is a super coming-of-age story

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” will make its debut on Disney+ on Sept. 25.  How will this movie stack up to the other originals made by the new streaming service?

secret society of second-born royals

This modern coming-of-age movie combines the two things Disney fans love most: heroes and princesses. Though maybe not meant for older audiences, this teen movie is sure to be a hit.

The movie centers around Sam, played by “Andi Mack” actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee. Like most teenage girls, she feels like she just doesn’t fit in. On top of being a princess and second-in-line for the throne of Illyria, she starts to notice minor changes in her senses. She can smell her best friend’s lunch he had a few days ago, and she can see security inputting secret passcodes from blocks away.

When she sneaks out of a royal function to attend a concert, things shift gears. She and her friend Mike (Noah Lomax) try to get into a club that requires identification. Sam uses her powers to see the code security inputs in the back door, and they make their way in. Between the loud rock music, voices of patrons at the bar and even the flies buzzing around, Sam gets overstimulated and pulls on the fire alarm.

While Mike and Sam wait in a cell for their parents to pick them up, Mike notices the differences in Sam and points them out. Before they can crack what’s really going on, their parents arrive. Infuriated at Sam, her mother Queen Catherine (Elodie Yung) announces Sam will be living at her school this summer to attend remedial classes.

Dreading her first day back, Sam trudges to her class. Waiting for her are other second-borns January (Isabella Blake-Thomas) and Matteo (Faly Rakotohavana). Popular kids Prince Tuma (Niles Fitch) and Princess Roxana (Olivia Deeble) stride in and take their seats. Professor James Morrow (Skylar Astin) announces himself and unfolds the truth. Not only is every student in the class a second-born royal, they also all have powers.

A universal tradition upheld by second-born royals around the globe, their powers come to them at their age. They must keep the secret from their family and friends to keep the peace in their kingdom.

As time rolls on, each teen realizes and enhances their newfound power. Sam can finally master her senses and keep herself from getting overwhelmed. January can copy any person’s power by just one touch. Matteo’s fly on the wall personality rings true with his bug attraction and control. Tuma can tell anyone what to do, and they will listen. Contrary to Roxana’s need to be noticed, she can turn invisible.

The teens must learn to get along and work together to defeat Inmate 34, a dangerous escapee from Illyria’s top prison. While forming friendships and overcoming their differences together, they form The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.

Any Disney family that enjoys “Descendants” and other Disney Channel Original Movies will love “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.” The diverse casting as well as relatable personality types will be a breath of fresh air for any teen struggling with fitting in. Familiar faces from Disney shows, “This Is Us,” and “Pitch Perfect” are also a plus.

Unlike most Disney hero films, this one does not have an after-credits scene. The movie runs at 1 hour and 35 minutes and is not rated. Check out the trailer below:

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals | Official Trailer | Disney+

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